Speedy 25

  1. Anyone have opinions on the speedy 25? I'm new to LV, but I already have a Papillon 26. While I like the shape of the Papillon, I'm intrigued by the Speedy. I've primarily seen the 30 alot, but was just wondering if the size of the 25 was decent.
  2. Dare to be different. Everyone carries the 25 or 30. Make a statement with the mono Speedy 35! If you go on the Louis Vuitton website you will see the picture of the mono Speedy 35 under "The Essentials" category. Even Louis considers the 35 an essential. So who are we to disagree? Seriously, I own the 35 and it is really versatile. It is great as a daily handbag and also as a carry on handbag for the plane. You can put an extra sweater, shoes, brush, food (because they don't feed you on the plane anymore) and whatever else you want to carry. Think about it.
  3. The 25 is a great size if you don't carry a TON of stuff! I had a 25 for a few months and then sold it in order to move into bigger digs--the 30! The 30 is great for me for everyday use. Try them on and see what works the best for you!
  4. i think the 25 is great. i like it a lot better b/c of my frame. I'm 5'3-5'4ish and almost 100 lbs. One thing thats not so great about the 25 is that the opening is not as easy to get things in and out of (especially the epi)

    I think i intend on buying a speedy base for my damier. Right now i have an issue of teen vogue at the bottom and it gets quit heavy and tiring to wear the speedy on my arm.

    you should definitely get the 25 if you think it fits your frame more. just go and try both on at the boutique!
  5. The 25 size IMO is more than decent. It looks small but that bag fits A LOT. I guess because of its depth. I can fit a 16oz water bottle, an extra pair of shoes (sandals or wedges in a sz 6), a light thin sweater, tissue, camera, keys, wallet, makeup, ipod with room for more small items!! It does get heavy though. If you want to carry a magazine or a bulky sweater, I suggest the 30 but for everyday.... I find that I cant fill the 30 and I catch myself throwing stuff into my bag that i dont need just to "fill" it.
  6. I have the 25 and i personally think its perfect and i carry alot!

    i tried on the 30 but it was huge and once my stuff was it in there was still so much room....but thats me...

    you should try them on and see what you like the most!
  7. I love size 25 coz every time I try size 30. It's too big for me.

    Anyway, I also got Mini Lin (it's size 30) and I also love it coz mini lin has only one size.
  8. I have the 25 and I love it! I've tried on the 30 and it just looks too big on me. I think it is just that particular shape on my body.
    You just have to try them to see which suits you better. You might be lucky and can go with both!
  9. Love the 25. It fits everything I need & more...
  10. i LOVE the 25...perfect size!
  11. The speedy is very spacious. I did fill it to the brim once - one of the bath towels used to stuff it was still inside. Okay not a huge bath towel but still! There always seems to be room for one more thing due to the unstructured design.
  12. One thing I've learnt, don't underestimate how much you can fit into a speedy! 25 or 30, they'll both fit heaps. I think of it as, 25 - essentials plus a little more. 30 - essentials plus A LOT more! :biggrin:
  13. I have both mono and damier azur in the 25. My next bag will be the damier ebene prb. also in a 25, though if it looked good I woudn't mind a 30. I'm 5'1" and the 30 looks big on me. I think you need to go to the store and try it if possible.
  14. I had the 25 but sold it to get a speedy 30. I prefer bigger bags, but that's just me!
  15. If you use the papillon 26 then the speedy 25 is def big enough for you! Go for it!!