Speedy 25

  1. Do you have one and was it your first LV bag. How often do you use it?
  2. I use my Azur 25 only for the weekends. I would dare not to use it for school since it would get dirty, or stolen. Actually, my first Lv was Epi Alma in black, but I'm selling it since the double zippers bug the non-sense out of me. I'm going to upgrade to the epi 25 in black.
  3. I have the mono speedy 25. It was my second LV. I use it all the time and take it everywhere with me. I am hoping to get a new more "summery" bag sometime this month (thinking denim speedy). I love the speedy 25 though - it's my fav. Great size and it's good for the daytime as well as the night since it's not too big. I fit a ton in it too. Hope that helps.
  4. I have two; the first, a mono my hubby bought for me two xmases ago. The second, a Damier was bought by me this past xmas. My first LV was actually a petite bucket and I had about 5 more LV bags between the first bucket and the first Speedy (as well as a 6 year gap).

    To be honest I never considered a Speedy until my hubby bought it for me. It is a really cute bag and holds a ton of stuff but I don't find myself using them too much because I have a hard time with hand helds. I def. prefer shoulder bags.
  5. I have the mono speedy 25, it was my 2nd bag and I use it almost everyday! I love it to death, it is by far my favorite of all my bags!
  6. my mono speedy 25 is my FIRST LV ever and i use it A LOT! i may get the handles replaced though because its time to.
  7. I just bought a mono speedy 25!!! It should be here by Friday!!! I think it's classic bag that every handbag lover should own!!
  8. Epi Speedy 25 black was my first LV. I love it and use it often!
  9. I have a Mono Speedy 25 and I use it all the time for work, weekend, whatever. I like hand-held bags and so it is perfect for me. It was actually my second LV.
  10. no. but i think i want a 30 :smile:
  11. I have the mono speedy 25 and it wasn't my first bag. I love the speedy... it's very roomy and so very cute!
  12. Nope, but I do have the Speedy 30 and it was my first bag! I'm still in love w/ it!!!
  13. i just bought my own first LV...the mono speedy 25... and i can only use one word to describe it... PERFECTION...!! :girlsigh::love:
  14. I have the mono one and it wasn't my first LV bag. It's actually one of my newer purchases and I've been using her almost everyday since I got it.
  15. my first bag was the damier speedy 25, and I love her! I use her nearly everyday, and shes soooo hassle free! I have just been down the bank with her in pouring rain! No problems! Get the damier!!!