Speedy 25


Sep 13, 2005
Look what I got for my birthday! The orange is a little brighter in real life, more true orange than the muted color in the picture. I haven't seen the other colors yet, but there's black, mocha, blue, and red. So I was just wondering what you ladies think of the other colors, or if I should just keep this one.

P.S. I love my boyfriend. :love:

I love the orange color on the epi speedy and I think the red epi speedy is also very classy. One of the members (kojiko?) have the black epi speedy so maybe she can show you a photo of that beauty too.
Agreed.. and also not many people have it. I'm so jealous.. I don't think my bf ever going to buy me a bag. I'm sad... Maybe he'll change.. Hopefully *fingers crossed*
Wow, thanks everyone! :smile:

I have narrowed it down to red and orange, but most likely will keep the orange. I have another dilemna, because my bf just told me the 30 is only $90 CAD more. So I wonder if I should get that one for more bang for the buck. Hmm...
The orange is HOT!!! As a LV Speedy queen, I highly recommend the 25 over the 30, the size difference is very noticeable. If you plan on traveling a lot and lug around a slew of stuff, then go with the 30. However, if you are planning on carrying your new buddy around for everyday and not feel like you are hauling luggage, go with the 25...just my advice :amuse:
Hi wow that bag is gorgeous - I love the colour - I have the mandarin epi pouchette.

Does it smell good ???? I know that there is a common problem that the mandarin sbigger bags has a smell of cat - pee - it is a manufacturing problem?? Its not in all bags of this colour but a fair few !!!
Wow, love the colour !

And if you really want to get more bang for buck for your Canadian dollar, you may want to consider a shopping trip to the states.. the difference in taxes is immense (even with the dollar being less in exchange). :smile: