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  1. I just wanted to know how many people have the speedy 25 and if someone can post celebs with the regular speedy 25 in this thread:heart:
  2. I have the epi speedy 25 and love it! Just ordered a mono 25.
  3. I have the mono 25 and have been carrying it this week. It holds a lot and I love it.
  4. I want the cerises speedy 25 already have the normal but i dont think they make the cerises anymore
  5. I have Damier Speedy 25 and have been carrying it for few months already lol
  6. I love the speedy can anyone get it over your shoulder though i can just barely
  7. You're right, they don't make the cerises line any longer! :sad:
  8. No I love the cherries they are so cute!:crybaby:
  9. Yes, and they are no longer in any boutiques! You can only purchase them second-hand.
  10. Guess you gotta try eBay!
  11. You can post any items you want authenticated under the authenticate this section of the forum! It helps big time! :nuts:
  12. I have a mono 25 and a Damier 25.
  13. i have an epi speedy 25 and just ordered a damier speery 25... hope it won't be too small for me!
  14. I have a damier speedy 25. Love it!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.