Speedy 25? Whats so great?

  1. I plan on purchasing this used speedy 25


    I'm buying used because its my first LV :}
    But i want to know what you guys think of this bag?
    I really want something casual and very everyday use

    is this the right bag for what i want?
  2. I have the 25 and I find it perfect since it can be formal aswell :smile: Some prefer the 30 though.
  3. Make sure you get it authenticated in the Authenticate This Forum before you buy used.

    But the speedy is a GREAT first LV! You can't go wrong there. I find the 25 to be a bit small for me, but I'm a big bag gal. And the mono speedy is a classic - you can wear that bag forever.
  4. ok i will :smile:

    um im new
    wheres the authenticate this?
  5. In the LV Shopping thread at the top of the LV forum - everyone is really nice there. Good luck getting the perfect bag!
  6. The speedy 25 is a fabulous bag!! Perfect for everyday use. I use a 30 and love it!
  7. Yes, I used to love big bags but I find the Speedy 25 perfect for my needs. It holds everything I would ever need, plus a sweater and a bottle of water! It's cute on the outside and surprisingly huge on the inside-- I love it, I didn't expect to hold this much.

    I use mine as a going-out handbag, but I will likely use it during the day once I get a strap for it.
  8. I love my speedy 25 you can put lots of things in it!!! it's a classic and classy bag.
  9. I got the speedy 30 as my first LV bag and I still love it to this day.

    It is the perfect starter LV.

    This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. LV and U
  10. I also got a 30 for my first LV, but I recently purchased the 25 and it suits me better since I'm only 5'0. The speedy is a lot bigger than it actually looks and it's great for an everyday bag.
  11. PERFECT! I hope you get it...the Speedy 25 really is the perfect everyday bag. Good luck!
  12. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a speedy, IMO. It's beautiful and classic, and you can wear it forever!!!
  13. Too small for me because I'm prone to the large bags. I love the 35 much better because I can change it to a carry-on for travel. Congrats on your purchase, though.
  14. 25 is perfect on most sized people. Some prefer the 30 as it suits their body sizes better. You really cant go wrong.
  15. I just got my first LV last week, and it was the "Speedy 25" I have purchased.. It does look so cute and I could not believe how much it held.. I find it very easy to carry and I love how it goes with anything I am wearing.. very versatile.