Speedy 25 VS Speedy 30

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  1. What are the pros and cons?
    I'm 5'4, and getting a speedy 25 but the 30 doesn't look too big as well...

    waht do you guys think? ;)
  2. Hmmm... I say go with a Speedy 25. It will suite you more... IMO.
  3. unless you're pencil thin and carry very little in your bag i say go for the 30
  4. ^ agreed. i would go for the 30 too.
  5. 30 all the way!
  6. i'm also 5'4", far from being pencil-thin and carry my entire life with me, and i use a 25:roflmfao:. here's how it looks on me :flowers:
    speedy 001.jpg damier speedy 001.jpg
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  7. 30
  8. aww so cuteeeeeeeeeee... eeekkk *_* decision decisions...

    Thanks everyone for putting your thoughts in...

    I cary quite a bit, somtimes cary a lot of other ppl stuff *_* haha ie. bf's keys, wallet... haha...
    But just want it too look bulky on me... and the 30 looks very nice on the PFer's pictures... :love:
  9. I like the 30..I'm 5'2 and got the Damier 30 and love it! The picture of me with mine is in the visual aids thread. :smile:
  10. 30. I am 5'2. I tested it at the boutique and the 25 didn't feel right. I plan on getting it before or during the holidays.
  11. I'm a 30 girl all the way, so I'll recommend the 30 :smile:
  12. 30. i LOVE big bags. :smile:
  13. I'm about 5'2 or 5'3..I would rather get the 30. I personally like bigger bags :biggrin:
  14. I say 30 too! I've been pondering this for quite a while, and today I went to LV and looked...and when next to each other, to me the 25 looks really small...like a toy bag...I'm also 5 4, and I think it will totally work!
  15. 30 all the way. I'm 5'8" though the 25 looked way to small for me. My 5'2" best friend also has a 30 & it looks great.