Speedy 25 vs Speedy 30

  1. I am debating between the Speedy 25 vs. the Speedy 30 for my damier speedy purchase (just put myself on the list!!):nuts: How much more can the 30 hold? Will it look overwhelming on my 5'3 frame?

    Does anyone have BOTH bags and can take a picture so I can see the size difference?
    TY in advance! :love:
  2. Oh 2nd this request! I would love to see that picture too since I'm very curious also! :biggrin:
  3. I prefer the 30! I love big bags!
  4. Someone did post a pic of them holding both a 25 and 30. Try searching the postings. Hope that helps.
  5. thanks =)
  6. I'm only 5'2" and I have the speedy 30 because I love big bags. But if you are not a fan, then I would go for the 25.
  7. not sure about the mono, but in epi, the opening on the 25 is so narrow that it is very awkward to get things out of the bag. the epi 30 does not have that problem.
  8. This is what I love about the PF-what a great question I was wondering about that myself and after looking at the pix I think I'll do the 30! Thanks ladies!!!
  9. I've never been a big purse kind of girl, but I adore my Speedy 30. I love the fact I can fit everything I need for a busy work day and still have enough room to carry all my gadgets in it. I'm also a bit on the short side (5'4) but I wouldn't trade my 30 in for the world! :love: