speedy 25 vs. papillon 26....

  1. can anybody tell me the pros and cons for each.
    i cannot decide which one to get.
  2. i totally love the speedy! its such a classic bag! i've got a speedy 30 and i love her lots!!! i wear her on the crook of my arm or just hold her by her handles... i totally love the speedy!!!! it holds lots as-well! i'm not too sure about the papillon - i dont have one, but someone will have an answer very soon!!!
    good luck with what you decide!!!
  3. the Speedy holds more than the Papillon, plus it has an extra pocket inside. the Papillon 26 has only the one compartment, so everything goes in there. they're both handheld bags.

    have you considered the Papillon 30? it's bigger, can be carried on the shoulder, and it comes with the little mini Papillon where you can put stuff like makeup, keys etc :yes:
  4. yeuxhonnetes: speedy 30 seems a little big. i am very confortable with the size of my mulberry rosemary which is about 11"x8". so i will want something that size.
    i posted another thread to help me choose.
    btw, are the handles for the speedy30 big enough to be shoulder bag? it looks kinda small on elux.
    can you please give me some suggestion (in the other thread)?
  5. i didn't say anything about the Speedy 30 :huh:
    i was talking about the Papillon 30
    and i was already on that other thread :yes:
  6. oopss... sorry...
    one thing you would notice about me. i dont read things (usually just scan messages), and always mistype things.
    thanks for the suggestion. :biggrin:
  7. Try the papillon 30 or get the speedy 25. The papillon 26 is just way too small (well, for me).

    Speedy 25:
    -pros: always a classic and fits alot more than the papillon 26 and 30
    -cons: everyone has the fake version on the street.

    Papillon 26:
    -pros: you just can't resist the cute barrel shape of this bag and it's such a fun bag to have.
    -cons: the thing roll when you set it on the table so you have to run after it sometimes :roflmfao:; there's no pocket in either the 26 or the 30!
  8. I like the Speedy 25 more. But I'm itching to get the Papillon now that I have the Speedy. Can the papillon 26 straps fit on the shoulder if you have thin arms?
  9. With the pappi, everything falls towards the middle cause of it's round shape. But it's a cute bag. Depends on whwat you want. I personally like the rolled handles on the speedy.
  10. Speedy is roomier and the shape is just gorgeous!
  11. i prefer the speedy 25 because it holds a lot more. what about a papillon 30?