Speedy 25 vs. Mini Lin speedy 30

  1. Does someone have both and can you post pics of them side by side for comparison? I already checked the visual image threads. I'm 4'11 and 92 lbs and love the mini lin look but I think 30 would be too big on me. And it doesn't come in 25. Should I go for the azur or damier 25 instead? TIA!
  2. Hello! Im 4'11 also and i have a mini lin. At first I really thought it was too big and I have been asking friends if they really thought it was too big for me but everybody said that it was fine. Besides the mini lin is a really great bag, the fabric really looks classier. don't get me wrong I have the damier speedy 25 too and its a nice bag. Just don't let the size of the mini lin stop you from buying it. you won't regret getting it.