Speedy 25 vs. 30

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  1. I currently own only one LV handbag (Batignolles Vertical) and a couple LV accessories, BUT I am going to purchase a Damier Speedy this week. Problem is...I can't decide on a 25 or 30.

    I don't carry alot of items (checkbook wallet, coin purse, credit card holder, cell, keys, and a small clinique cosemetic bag), but I don't want the Speedy to looked overstuffed, while I don't want it to look half empty either.

    What can you fit into your 25? And what are the pros and cons of each size? THANKS BUNCHES!
  2. Cons: the 25 is too small

    Pros: the 30 is sized just right!
  3. those items you mentioned above can go into a speedy 25 and still have ample space left. :tup:

    personally, i prefer speedy 25 bcos it isnt too big and just nice for me. i have the speedy 25 in damier and mono. i'm happy! :heart:
  4. The 30 is right for you!
    The 25 might be too small for your makeup case. It has a narrow opening too, so it won't be as easy to find things as it will be with the 30.
  5. The 25 is a cute size! But IMO the bigger 30 size looks better!
  6. ya, 25 is cute. but if your body size is rather huge then 25 will look strange on you. :P
  7. get the 30... it's a perfect fit in between the 25 and 35.
  8. I agree. I got an Azur Speedy 30 and it's perfect!
  9. ^^ITA get the 30
  10. I think your things will fit inside the 25. I personally love the size of the 25 and it's perfect for me! I took my speedy 25 to a museum and I was able to carry: Mono small agenda, mini mono pochette, Motorola v365 cell phone, Sony cybershot digital camera, small water bottle, sandwich, and a bag of cookies...and there was still room to spare and it didn't look bulky.
  11. The 25 looks more suited for a teenager of girl or college girl. The 30 looks more grown up and just has more appeal to me. My 30 is half empty too but it works;)

  12. Such a good point, that I really hadn't even thought about. I think being 5'8 and about 180-ish, the 25 WOULD look a bit strange. I guess that decides it.:smile:

  13. speedy 30...perfect..not too big...not too small! JUST right!
  14. ^I am 5'9" and 133lbs and the speedy 25 looks tiny on me..like a childs bag!! :smile:

  15. I agree, when I saw it in person, I couldnt believe how small it was!