Speedy 25 vs 30

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  1. I'm planning on purchasing a monogram speedy, but I can't decide between the 25 and the 30. Initially I was in love with the 25, but then I saw the 30 and it made everything so much more difficult! I would like a bag that I can continue to use throughout the years, but that is practical at the same time and can carry me from day to night, without making it appear as though I'm carrying a suitcase. I'm 5'4" and 106 lbs. I usually carry a bottle of water, sunglasses, a make-up bag, my day planner & pen, my cell phone, mints/gum, and a cardigan depending on the weather, and sometimes a book or my camera...and occasionally my bf's wallet & keys (even though he makes fun of my large purse addiction:lol:). Please help me decide...I've gone into the LV store twice this week already! Please post pictures if possible. Thanks!!!
  2. I used to have the 25, im ard ur size. I find it a bit too small if i wanna put a shawl or cardigan in. The 30 is perfect. Not Too big. Just Nice.
  3. i only have the 25, but i think 30 will be great for you although i myself prefer to get a shoulder bag if i'm goin to carry lots of stuffs
  4. How about a 35? :graucho: Doesnt really look like luggage IMO Im 5'6, 105lbs.

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  5. Since you say from day to night (meaning a nice dinner) I would have to say 25. I have both and the 30 IMO is a bit much to carry to a nice dinner. The 25 can fit all of what you mentioned above but the cardigan has to be thin or on the smaller side.
  6. Here's a pic of my damier 25 for reference too

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  7. Thanks for all of your input on this!! I think the 35 may be a little too big for me to use for everyday use, but it would definitely be great for travel. Thanks for the reference pictures, Solitude. Which bag do you carry more often of the two, and do you own a 30?
  8. If you want to carry all of that then go for the 30!
  9. from the amount that you intend to carry, 30!

    i just carried my 25 out today, had a tough time taking out my cardigan. haha.
  10. id say go with the 30
  11. I love the 25! I think it's the perfect size.
  12. 25!! it's perfect size to go everywhere!!
  13. 30. I till be a tight fit in the 25 if you want to carry all that.
  14. I love the 25.. I seriously think the 30 looks too big on occassions ( but then again the 25 looks really small at times too) you can fit alot in a 25 :smile:
  15. there is a great visual thread in the reference section .. check it out :biggrin:
    Also whats in your lv.. great thread too :biggrin: