Speedy 25 vs 30

  1. I am looking for my first Speedy.

    I read that some people think the 25 is too small and that is why they chose the 30.

    Some say the 30 is too big and that is why they are getting rid of it.

    I have seen enough pictures on ebay but none of them are compared to a body.

    So, really is the 30 just right, too big, I know this is a personal opinion, would some of you mind modeling your speedy (against your body) and labeling the size?

    For instance I love the thread of all the celebs and their Speedies, are those all 30 and 35?

    thanks, looking forward to seeing your pics!!
  2. Hi..this is a great thread..
    I actually have speedy 25. I just tought that it looks too small, and I prefer big bag, so im thinking to get 30 soon. Actually my speedy was a xmas present fr my husband,so he chose the 25 because he thing 30 looks too huge for me.
    Im just 5'4 and I dont know if the 30 looks good on me. I need to try it before i buy it. Sorry that I dont have a picture of me n my bag at the moment. Will try to make some for u tomorrow.
  3. I think if you're not used to carrying a larger bag you will find the speedy 30 too large. I have a speedy 25 and find it small now, but when i purchased it i thought it was large. It's funny how you get used to the size fast.

    I think it also depends on how much you carry around with you, and if you have large items that you carry. If that's the case i'd go for the speedy 30.

    I see pic's of Jessica S carrying a speedy 30 and she's only 5'4 and it doesnt look too big on her.

    also if you're concerned about the bag sagging you can put cardboard on the bottom to resolve that issue.

    Good luck with your choice.
  4. I'm only 5'2'' but I have a 30 and I love it. The best thing is to try on both and see what you like better!
  5. Can anyone post pics carrying their speedy and let us know the size etc.?

    What is the cost of the 25 and the 30?
  6. I have a speedy 25. I decided on speedy 25 instead of the 30 because I thought the 30 looked a bit big on me (i'm 5'5"). But that's just me. Maybe because I don't carry too much stuff in my purses..
  7. hey! I'm just hanging out right now, so I snapped a couple of quick pictures-

    This is my speedy 30, keep in mind its an older bag, so its a bit saggy!


    lol, I cut out my face bc I'm in my gross gym clothes and I've been out by the pool all afternoon and I look icky! :-P



    hope that helps! I'm 5'5", btw.

    I LOVE my 30, and I think the size is perfect. but then again, I love my Botkier Cylde- So I'm inclined to love larger bags.
  8. Thank you Bag Fetish, that is what I need, the SIZE the celeb is carrying.... I will look for that photo now.

    How about these? Anyone know the sizes to these?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Kellybag, last I checked if I'm not wrong, the price difference is only $25...

    thanks everyone!!
  9. Dani, you're the best! Thanks for taking these for me!! You are much better than all the celebrities combined!!

    I can see your smile, gross? Yea, right! :smile:

    Ooo, the pool does sound nice today! :smile:

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH for taking the time and doing this, I think I am favoring the 30 now.

  10. keep in mind that Nicky's cherry is a 25. Hillary's mono is a 25 in that pic..
  11. iliabags, all the pics that you've posted are of speedy 25.
  12. I posted this before but here's my 30. good luck!
  13. I'll also post a pic when i get home. I think it also depends on the purpose of the purse. I think its a little to small because i bought it to use it as a work bag and i have my books, agenda, work planner, cell phone, makeup purse and a whole lotta stuff. If its just for normal everyday/ every other day use then its not too big i think!

    will post a pic later!
  14. *OHHH I was talking about the SPeedy 30 guys....
  15. all those celeb pics are 25s i think.

    i am not a small girl (5'7 US size 8/10) and the 25 just looked strange with my proportions. i also carry around a TON of stuff (litre of water, book, checkbook wallet, notebook, makeup bag, and more) so the 30 was more practical. i have always been a big bag person.

    that said the 25 is also good sized inside. i think it depends on your proportions and how big a bag you're used to carring. if you can, go into the boutique and try them on. once i tried on the 25, 30 and 35 and the choice was obvious...good luck! you'll love your speedy, no matter what size you choose.