Speedy 25 too small?

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  1. Is the Speedy 25 too small for a plus sized woman?
  2. Modeling pics would be great!
  3. But if the bag is bigger will it make the person look bigger?
  4. It might be. I think if you can pull off a bigger speedy, like a 30 or 35, go for it!! I think that would look fabulous. They fit a lot more inside them, too. The best thing to do is go to the store and try one on and see what looks best on you.

  5. No, it won't. A bag should have a good proportion to your height and size and a larger bag will definitely not make a person appear bigger. A bag is not like clothes in that it can be separated from the person so if you want a bigger bag, don't worry about it making YOU appear larger. Just don't get something so huge that it looks like you're carrying luggage. Go to the store and try a 30 or 35, those might work best for you. :smile:
  6. If you can try it on, that would be best. I'm the same height as my son's girlfriend; I look best in the 25 while she can carry the 30 with ease. The 30 looks ridiculous on me.
    A lot of people seem to have trouble with the opening of the 25, but I find it extremely easy and comfortable!
  7. No, I'm a personal Shopper, one of my costumers is a larger woman, and a larger bag flatters a larger woman, a smaller bag ... well makes a woman look bigger.

    so a speedy 35 would fit you great, or you could try a Neverfull MM:okay:
  8. I agree. ^^ :smile:
  9. Well the bag isn't for me....it is for my grandma that saw my Speedy and wanted one, so I thought about a 25 for her birthday.
  10. What other bags would your recommend then?
  11. Could you give us a better idea of her height and size?
  12. Well I wanted it to be a surprise because she carried a Speedy when she was younger....and she is 5'5.
  13. I don't think so at all.