Speedy 25 regular or bandouliere?

  1. I have the speedy 25 in all 3 prints and I adore them all. They are classic and feminine. The mono 25 was my first....my husbands favorite of all my bags. It's a great bag. Just my opinion :smile:
  2. For speedy b, I love monogram more than damier one.
    I think it's more classic
  3. Wow so many responses! Thank you everyone :smile: I've decided to go for the damier ebene (since I like the fact that the handles don't patina).

    I have a vernis wallet hopefully that is not prone to colour transfer (it's a medium sea green/blue colour), and hopefully the red lining does not have that problem anymore!

    As for which style... I'm still stuck between the classic and the bandouliere lol. I love how the strap is functional, but I hate the look of it with the double bulky zippers and the leather down the side... Would it look silly if I got a regular speedy 25 but attached a pomme/red strap to it when I need to? :p
  4. Do you think a vernis blue wallet would get colour transfer? (It's like a sea green/blue shade).
  5. Exactly! The extra leather on the sides just... No. For some reason it just looks too manly? Lol but the strap is what makes it functional... So confusing!
  6. You too! I think you should go for the 30! More classic, 35 just seems too luggage like IMO. Of course it's up to you, but I assume you like to carry more on a daily basis so 35 might be too big, 30 would look great :smile:
  7. I would ask the SA about the color transfer just to double check that you wont have a problem with your vernis item. Good choice on going with the DE...I would HIGHLY recommend getting the Speedy B. I keep one of the zipper pulls to the side (the one with the lock) and then use the other when I want to open and close the bag. This makes it just as easy to use as the original Speedy. Also, I know the leather stripes look weird at first, but they probably wont bother you once you get the bag and get used to it. I don't notice them anymore and I really hated them at first. I have both type speedies and I have to say, the Speedy B is my favorite.
    I have Speedy B 30 DE but I love the 25 too...it is perfect for Cross body!
  8. Oh and as for the pomme strap...that is a negative! lol I don't like it and it is not good to use because it will cause tension to the bag. This may damage it in the long run...even though I know some people choose to do this...Louis Vuitton says not to. :biggrin:
  9. +1
  10. Yes you can get colour transfer from the lining - as the lining is red, and the rubbing of light coloured accessories (like blanc coral vernis or damier azur accessories) against the red lining can mean your accessories end up with pink edges.

    So it depends on what SLG's you have in your bag. If you have mono SLG's, then there shouldn't be much concern. I also wouldn't worry about vernis pomme or amarante SLGs.
  11. Thank you! I have a vernis wallet and cles in blue galactic (a sea green/blue colour). Do you think that would get colour transfer? It's medium shade normally, but in sunlight it's a light bright blue.. (I have a thread posted up with a reveal with images of it if that helps!)
  12. you will be much more safe with mono lining!
  13. Never thought I'd be happy with the classic speedy, always thought I'd want the option of the extra strap. However I did have the Speedy B Idylle for a while and actually found the shoulder strap quite uncomfortable. Have just recently bought the classic Speedy 25 in DE (sunday) and I love it sooooooo much I can't tell you. Its so nice to have a bag that I don't need to worry about whether its going to rain or not. I might end up getting the Speedy B 25 eventually but certainly right now I'm more than happy with the one I've got. I say get the classic, you can't go wrong!