Speedy 25 Question...

  1. After lurking for several weeks, I can't keep quiet any longer! Hello everyone!

    I am interested in adding a Speedy to my collection. Does the Porte-Tresor International wallet fit well in the 25 Speedy? I ask because I found out the hard way with my Druout. I even returned an adorable Vavin because my favorite wallet just didn't fit. I would like to avoid going to a Speedy 30 if possible.

    Also, I am debating between the *fabulous* Damier and perhaps a mocha Epi.

    I know the Damier Speedy isn't available until June -- but is the Epi Speedy still available in mocha?

    Any advice, suggestions, etc. are welcome!
  2. it will fit.

    i have a speedy 25 and a PTI (well not mine but my mothers)

    and it fits very well.

  3. Welcome,

    Yes that wallet fits with no issues. I have both and use them together. Perfect match.
  4. Oooh the PTI .. I'm eyeing one for myself... bought one for my mom.. it fits nicely in a Speedy... my Speedy.. too bad I had to give it to her!!:cry:
  5. According to a very nice lady @ 866-VUITTON they have stopped producing Epi items in Mocha. So if you can locate an Epi speedy in that color, JUMP ON IT!!!
  6. :amazed: Oh No!!! Hearing this only makes me want it even more!

    I have never seen a mocha epi in real life (but the picture on the LV site is gorgeoous!). Is it the same color as the trim on Damier bags?
  7. it will fit perfectly.