Speedy 25 or Speedy 30?

  1. I'm planning to get an LV Speedy (it's such a classic, must-have piece..!), but I just can't make up my mind on which to get, 25 or 30. I'm quite short and petite, so most people said 25 suits me more. But personally, I think 30 is more stylish. 25 is cuter but normally I don't go for cute bags... :P

    I've already went to check it out at the boutique, but still can't decide..! I'm afraid that I'll regret later. If I choose 30, I'm afraid it will be too heavy and huge for me, it's like carrying a luggage bag, such a burden for everyday use... :P If I choose 25, I'm afraid that I'll be envious of others when I see them carrying a 30..! Oh, if only I can buy both..!!! :shame:

    LV experts here, please help me choose something I'll definitely not regret... Thanks... :smile:
  2. I would go with 30!:love:
  3. i'd go for the 30. If you carry a lot you wont regret it. Its funny how the size goes on you fast. I have the mono speedy 25 and now wish it was 30. When i first got it I thought it was big but its funny how fast you get used to it.

    Worse case you buy the 30, tell them to leave the plastic on the handles and take it home and try it out. put your stuff in the bag and carry it around for a few hours. If you dont care for it go for the 25.
  4. I'd definitly reccomend the 30! I'm only petite myself and I have the 30 and it look fine, IMO the 25 is just too small and doesn't look quite as stylish! Go check them out at your nearest boutique, buy my vote is for the 30!
    Good luck, let us know what you decide on!
    Rose xxx
  5. I'm 5'2 and petite, I love my 25 and Almas, if I go bigger, I know I will fill it and it will just be heavier to carry. Go try em on!! GOOD LVCK!
  6. Honesty! The 30 is a fine weight to carry there is hardly any difference in weight compared to the 25. Probably something like 0.5lb lol!
  7. Thanks for your opinion, Bag Fetish... But how am I going to carry it out with the plastic attached to the handles? LOL. Or you mean just carry at home?

    Oh, I usually prefer medium-sized bags that can fit in all my stuffs. I have bags which are smaller but I rarely use them as I can't stuff in everything. Bags which are too big is too heavy... So usually stick to medium size. And since 25 and 30 is both medium size, I can't choose one... :P
  8. I have the 25 and I love it. The 30 just felt too big to me.
  9. i have both and the 30 is much more useful
  10. Rainbow Rose, I totally agree..! 30 is much more stylish..! 25 is more to the cute type... I've already checked it out at the boutique and still can't decide. Everyone- my friends, sisters, even the SA in LV told me that 25 suits me more...
  11. I have both; it is a very hard decision!! I agree with I LOVE LV; the 30 is more stylish but my 25 is the cerise which really does make for a cute bag.

    Go with your gut feeling on this!
  12. pick what you like better! ^_^ dont listen to your friends!
  13. Rainbow Rose, I guess the weight difference of both 25 and 30 is not much difference when it's empty. But it's ony natural (at least, to me :P) that if you have a bigger bag, you tend to put in more things into it, thus it's heavier.
  14. Hey thanks I LOVE LV!
    Don't worry you will make the right descision! And whatever you deceide on im sure it will look fab on you!
  15. My opinion as well