Speedy 25 or Speedy 30? Smaller or Bigger?

  1. Hi girls, what's the size difference between these two? I want a roomy bag that I can use when I'm go shopping. Not sure which one is better? I tried sppedy 25, very cute bag, how much bigger is the speedy 30? If it's not too big, I think I'd like to have speedy 30... Not sure though....

    P.S. - I'm 5 4''
  2. Although I prefer 25 over 30, the 30 is not that much bigger than the 25. 30 is probably 2 inches larger (length and width), give or take.
  3. I totally recommend the 30. I tried the 25 in the store and it was too narrow and too small for me. The 30 seemed too big at first, but now I load that baby up and just loooove the size.
  4. I like the 30 so much more than the 25. I have the Cerises which is a 25, and it's almost TOO small to carry now that I'm used to having my other 30's. I have a picture of myself with my Damier 30 in the visual aids thread.
  5. 30 makes the perfect LV what type of canvas are you looking to get? have you seen the new mini lin Dune color it
    s orgeous and verry subttle...
  6. 30=cm length, 25=25 cm length. I personally love 30 b/c it's much roomier and the proportion of it's structure.
  7. Thanks guys, seems like 30 is a better choice. I'm looking for the monogram canvas, i know, tons of people have that one, but, really wanna own one myself. Love the spaces, very practical bag for daily uses. Just one thing, is it too big for a 5 4'' girl? do you think??
  8. get it and show us pics:nuts:
  9. I can fit all my stuffs in my 25 but 30 will be nice too. Like other people said, they are not that much different.
  10. I'd get the 30. I love it, so roomy
    and nope it's not big at all for you ^^ I'm 5'4 too ;) and it's perfect!
  11. I adore the 30! I'm only slightly taller (5'5 to 5'6), and IMO I think the 25 looks tiny next to me. Then again, I :heart: big bags and carry tons of stuff around all the time!
  12. I am 5'3" and I love my mono speedy 30! go for it!
  13. i like both, but prefer the 25 as it sags less.
  14. I would go for the 30!
  15. 30. You won't regret it.