Speedy 25 or Small Lockit?

  1. I love both bags but I think they will look to big on me. Please post pics of you and you speedy 25 or your small lockit. Thanks!
  2. I'm quite short (5ft 1/2) and I feel the 25 is suitable for my height.. I'm not really skinny or anything but I think the 30 would make me look bigger. I do like the Lockit also though.. espicially the horizontal :biggrin:
  3. Thanks, we are the same height!!!
  4. Here I am with my damier Speedy 25; I'm 5'8''
    damiermodel1.jpg damiermodel3.jpg
  5. I love the lockit.
  6. speedy 25 :yes:
  7. LVoe the Lockit!!!
  8. speedy gets my vote.
  9. The speedy 25 will be great for an everyday bag! I find the mono lockit to be too small
  10. speedy!!
  11. Speedy rules!
  12. Speedy!!! :smile:
  13. I have the lockit and love it.
  14. Both bags are so different, its too hard to compare imo!
    I have the speedy 25 and im 5.4", love it, its a great size. Im going to get the reg lockit in epi soon, and that looks good too!
  15. I was wondering if the Lockit would look to big on me? I'm 5 feet tall.