Speedy 25 or riberia MM

  1. HI,

    Plan to get my 2nd LV bag and really cant decide which one should I get, my first was a Noe, would need your advise and suggestions.

  2. I love the Ribera MM!
  3. Speedy!
  4. I'd get something different... get the Ribera MM! :biggrin:
  5. Speedy!
  6. Well, I'm not going to be of much help, but the Speedy I feel is the quintessential LV bag, one that every gal (and guy!) should have. But if you want to go a different route, the Ribera MM is gorgeous and so elegant!
  7. Speedy 25, I love my Speedy!!
  8. speedy
  9. I love the Ribera MM and would buy that instead of the Speedy any day (although it is more pricey)
  10. speedy :love:.
  11. Speedy...another classic after the noe...
  12. Speedy!
  13. I vote for speedy
  14. I'd go with the Speedy just because you don't have one. It is a great bag and holds a lot.
  15. Ribera MM - good to open and very nice and not often to see like the Speedy!