Speedy 25 or Popincourt!

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  1. Well experts - I need your advice. I just bought my Speedy 25 and have not even used it yet. My good friend came over today with her brand new Popincourt Haut and omg, I'm in love!:love: Now is it temporary I don't know. What are you thoughts on the Speedy compared to the Popincourt or do I just need both. Thanks -
  2. it is a personal preference, but I prefer a speedy over the pop.
    Or i'll just get both, but deffinately a speedy, b/c yu can use it as a casual / formal bag
  3. I have both.. well, I bought both but gave the speedy to my mom. I find that the Popincourt is much more practical since it is a shoulder bag, so it frees up your hands. I also think the shape is a little more contemporary, and the balls on the zipper pull are so cute !

    But with that being said, I lusted after a speedy for months, it just seems like the bag that every fashionista has hanging around her closet ! So why not get both ? ;)
  4. if you haven't used your speedy yet maybe there is a reason:idea:
    if you can only afford ONE bag right now, get the one you :love: which seems to be the PH. you can always take back the speedy and purchase it later if you change your mind...
  5. I agree with killerlife on this one.
  6. I agree...then again, they seem like they are styles that will be around, so you can always get another later on.
  7. I would testdrive the speedy and see how you like it since you already have it. Then if you don't like it go for the Popincourt!
  8. i agree with twinklette. take the speedy out for a day and see how it fits you. it wouldn't hurt to try it out for a little bit. you'll probably end up loving it.
  9. I am always into trying something new and even though the speedy is my favorite, it will always be around. Go for the poppincourt!
  10. I like the Speedy. But if you like the PH then go for it.
  11. The one BIG thing to consider is do you want a handbag or a shoulder bag. That might help you make your decision. If you love the style of the PH, the other option is the regular Popincourt... It's unique and not that common.
  12. I'm looking into getting the Popincourt for my next LV bag! I own 2 Speedies right now.
  13. well I think I'm going to go for the Popincourt - I think with the shoulder straps - its going to work better for me. Anyone interested in a brand new Speedy 25 with a brand new Purseket in Leopard!! :smile:
  14. I have to go with the Popincourt because I came really close to buying last year. I must say I love the size.
  15. I suggest you keep the speedy. It looks great dressed up or down. Plus, I never like to have the same bag as someone I hang out with. (I always think it's weird when I see two girlfriends going out with the exact same bag or outfit....you know?