Speedy 25 or Popincourt Haut - Help Me Decide!


Speedy 25 or Popincourt Haut?

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  2. Popincourt Haut

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  1. So I sold my used LV Speedy 25 because I wanted to buy a new one at the Paris LV in October. Aside from the LV Speedy 25 I have never lusted after any other model. Lately though, I've been really drawn to the Popincourt Haut. I like that I can wear it over my shoulder. I want to really own only 1 LV as I like to make sure all of my other bags get equal rotation. I'm odd that way. :lol:

    So, if you could only choose one - Speedy 25 or Popincourt Haut - which one would you choose and why? For those out there with both I'd love to hear why owning both is justifiable!

    Thank you so much ladies!
  2. i have both, but if i had to choose, i'd get the Popincourt Haut :yes:. it can hold so much, and it's a shoulder bag, which is always a plus because then you can have your hands free.

    the Speedy 25 is and always will be a classic, and eventually people end up getting it. it's a great bag and can also hold a lot, and there are ways of keeping its shape and preventing it from sagging. but you either have to hold it or carry it on your arm, and some people don't really like that.
  3. I have both. The Speedy 25 way my first and PH was 4th (after searching for the perfect model)

    I LOVE:heart: :heart: the PH.
  4. i'm voting for Speedy 25! either in mono or damier!!! BUT the damier is cute!!!
  5. Yeux, the photo of you carrying the PH was what made me go "Hmmmmmm...I likes!!!"

    So I checked the prices in France and it comes to Speedy ($500) and PH ($700). After VAT (12% discount) buying both of them comes to $1051!!! :nuts: That's almost worth it to buy both since the PH in the US is $825, and after taxes it would be nearly $900. It'll be like getting 2 bags for the price of one! :wlae:

    Does anyone know if there is some sort of tax regulated for purchases at the LV boutique in Paris? Is it a straight retail price purchase or do they add a certain amount of tax?
  6. GET BOTH!!!:nuts:
  7. Yep, get both! They are two totally different styles. The PH is a structured shoulder bag (hands free) and the Speedy is a classic (and hand held) bag. How about a Speedy in Damier or Epi leather or is mono a must have for you in it if you decide to get both. :smile:
  8. VAT is already included in the prices posted on the website.

    And I adore my PH. I have both, but really, the PH sees at least 10x as much use as the speedy. I just prefer a shoulder bag much more than the handheld. But since you've had a speedy before, you have to ask if you'd like one on your shoulder or one in your hand.

    Or both !
  9. ayla, I don't think the prices on the lv.com (france) is with the VAT...? It's 395 euro which comes to 504USD...then I think you apply another 12% for VAT.

  10. No, they're all included.

    Seriously ! :yes:

    How do I know fo' sure ? I was in Paris 2 months ago. ;)
  11. Ooh I just wanted to add, the whole adding tax on top of things seems to be something that is just never done in Europe. All their prices have tax included. It's much easier on the whole mental math business !
  12. That so odd, because there is a thread here that discussed some PF'ers who got a VAT form from LV in Paris. That the SA's actually helped them fill it out? And that they took it to the customs desk before leaving Europe...let me see if I can find the thread...brb...

    ...okay, I'm back. Here's the link discussing the additional 12% VAT: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/lv-prices-in-france-30197.html
  13. Popincourt Haut!!!!
  14. i say get both! because while it is nice to have a shoulder bag, sometimes you just want a handheld... i personally prefers handheld... but i know there are plenty of situations where you will need both of your hands... so, i think, you will need/want both... :yahoo: hehehehhehe
  15. Yes, they do this after you present your passport. This is needed to claim exports from the EU. You pay the full price upfront, which includes VAT and then with the form (stamped at exports, you have to have the item with you as well !), you will receive either a check in the mail or a refund on your credit card for the amount of VAT that you have already paid.

    Mercx5 mentions much the same process in the thread -

    VAT stands for "Valed Added Tax". Taxes are levied on UK residents and tourists like us are entitled to a refund. If you make purchases at LV, tell them you are a tourist and give them your passport, they will assist you in filling up the VAT Refund Form. Make sure you bring yr form to the Customs counter at the airport and show them the goods to get the refund.

    You can google to check more specific steps on VAT refund. :smile: