Speedy 25 or Alma?

  1. :flowers: hey ladies,

    My birthday is coming next month, so it's time for me to pick out something..hehe
    I am debating between the Speedy 25/30 or the Alma. My husband likes the Alma..he thinks its more structured and said that the speedy looked like bags to carry doggies..hehe..(excuse him), obviously I'm not entirely convinced by him...hence my question here! hehe

    Im thking of Damier as I want to use the bag for work too. But the MOnogram Mini Lin Speedy 30 looks gorgeous! But then, I don't like slouchy bags that much, perhaps if I keep it stuffed well while not in use, I can minimise the slouchiness?

    Thanks so much!!

  2. If you don´t like slouch, buy the Alma!
  3. hey minami ummm, i'd go for a speedy... either a 30 or a 25... the damier speedy 25 is SUPER cute... to stop the sagging of the speedy, some members put a piece of cardboard or magazine at the bottom of the bag or they use a pursket thingy... I guess you can't go wrong with the ALMA or SPEEDY!!! Good luck on what ya decide! :wlae:
  4. i love the damier speedy 25. i love mine! =)
  5. hmmm, that's a tough one.

    Usually I'm not so keen on the Alma (no offense meant, but around where I live you mainly see ladies 50+ with their Monogram Almas :shame:smile: but I have to say that the DAMIER Alma is super cute and even appeals to me.

    However, if you want a bag to take to work, I would choose a Speedy since (at least to me) that seems to hold more.

    I would make that decision at LV while you have the bags side by side and can try them on. I had my mind set on the Speedy 25 for my b-day but ended up with the 35 which beforehand I had ruled out as too big. Now I'm absolutely loving it since it fits my needs perfectly :heart:

    Good luck on you decision making :flowers:
  6. yeah, if you like your things in order, i'd say go for the Alma. it's so much easier to look for your stuff coz it's wonderfully structured. but the speedy's such a major favorite among us all...plus it's like the LV icon bag. :smile:
  7. Thanks Nola, Helen and Pink!

    I love the look of both actually :confused1: ...hence my 'dilemma' hehe

    Do you gals think the Alma is more for work rather than casual? AND, if I get the SPeedy, do you gals think that the Monogram Mini Lin is more classic or the Damier?

    thanks :nuts:
  8. gd idea! if only i didnt hear the doggy bag comment from my DH.. :hysteric: (am sorta leaning toward the monogram mini lin Speedy 30)

    thanks a lot
  9. thanks will keep that in mind :flowers:
  10. well ... tell him to to get you the Alma, the Speedy AND a cute little puppy to go with it :P
  11. love your idea..trust me, I thought of it..since CHristmas is coming..I could call it a combined present? hehe
    I want a shih tzu anyway! :wlae:
  12. Go to the store & try them out. I personally think the speedy is a bag that can take you anywhere...work, dinner, brunch or the grocery store. The mono & damier are classics BUT if you want less maintenance get the damier or mini lin.
  13. On the Speedy, unfortunately, there is no way to prevent it from slouching, other than putting cardboard/plastic on the bottom or using a Purseket.
    Since this is a really hard decision, I think you should go to a LV store and try on both, including the Damier, Mini Lin...it's the only way to be sure! It truly makes a huge difference in person! I'm very fortunate to have all of them except the new Mini Lin Speedy 30 (I'm thinking of it, though) BUT, if I had to chose one it would have to be my beloved black Epi Alma!:Push:
    (18) Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Alma - 970.JPG
  14. I'd get the Speedy, gives me some change for an accessory!
  15. Alma...I like structure...the speedy is nice but, super casual and I noticed that it can look sloopy on some people...no shape unless you put cardboard in it...very bunchy and slouchy..if you like that look...I love the classic clean lines of the Alma and it has been around since the 30's so that says something...good luck