Speedy 25 or a Neverfull MM?

  1. So I have a bit of a dilema here...after getting so excited about my new job and all and finally having money for me and what I want, I decided i'm going to splurge a little and buy myself another LV bag. (it's been a year...) Not that I need to justify this purchase AT ALL but I've had a tough summer with my seperation and divorce and I think Louis will definently make me feel better....

    So anyways, last year the first bag i purchased was a Mono Speedy 30. LOVE IT. Gave it to my mom for $200 because she couldnt spend so much on a bag and she was sooooo in love with mine and she's my mommy, i would do anything for her. And she has moved to the dark side now and refuses to buy any bag that's not LV. (Even my FATHER who didnt care about bags at all gets the car in the pouring rain and picks her up at the door so Louis wont get wet...it's really sweet) So now i'm LV less which was ok until now. LOL...

    Should I get a Speedy 25 or a Neverfull MM? I love love love the smallness of the 25 but I love my bigger bags and I do have 2 toddlers I carry things for...mostly the bag will be used for daily use such as work and school. I was leaning towards the Neverfull because then i can carry my binder and books and stuff but if I get the Speedy 25 I can always just purchase a tote bag from Abercrombie for my books...

    what do you think?!?! :smile:))
  2. i say get the neverfull mm, it fits a whole bunch of stuff and it doesn't have as much vachetta so you need not worry too much about getting it wet.
  3. i would also vote for the Neverfull.
    i too have 2 toddlers (2yr old and 4yr old) and i haven't used my dear speedy in a while. i've been using my shoulder bags (cabas piano/musette tango) so i can be hands free.

    btw, you're such a nice daughter for giving your only lv to your mom :tup:
  4. As much as I have said that I am not a fan of the Neverfull, I still stand by it.

    I choose the Neverfull this and only this time simply because you can use it as a school bag and won't have to worry about much vachetta with kids being around and all.
  5. I'd go for the speedy. I've tried the Neverfull and the handles seem a little bit flimsy.
  6. The neverfull has the nice lining. Thats the nice detail I love of this purse. I have the Speedy 25, and I love my Speedy. Its a beautiful purse. I love the Neverfull MM size. I recently seen all three sizes. I would say go for the Neverfull, its new for 07 :smile:
  7. How about a speedy 30 instead of the 25 because speedy 25 bags have small openings and you can't put a lot of things for your 2 little kids. I have the Neverfull MM and have mixed reviews on it. The straps are skinny and shred easily around the shoulder when you carry a lot of things. I like it because it's super lightweight and you could pack a lot of your kids things, but again packing a lot causes the straps to cut in your shoulders. I really suggest a speedy 30 but in a different pattern like damier canvas or mini lin speedy. If you like a shoulder style bag, I would go for a BH, Cabas Mezzo, or Noe.
  8. i think the neverfull sounds like a better bag for you. You will be able to fit all the things you need and carry it on the shoulder when you need your hands free.
  9. I also voted the neverfull. It is not so pricy but looks great.
  10. For your situation, I think that the neverfull would be the better choice.
  11. Speedy 25 for you and maybe a tote from a less expensive line.
  12. For what you need to use it for...I would go with practical and get the Neverfull MM!!!
  13. Speedy 25 vote here or speedy 30 since u had it and :heart: it so much! personally i use inexpensive bags for "abuse" stuff although it's very tempting to be always with Louis :girlsigh:.
  14. Neverfull only if it will not be overstuffed, because of the straps. If you're carrying a lot, then get the speedy and carry a tote for the kids' stuff.

  15. What she said! Get the 30 or 35!