speedy 25 or 30

  1. goodness, my first day w/the damier speedy 25 and already i'm thinking whether i should have gotten the 30...i hate buyers remorse.

    i have to make the trip back to the lv store tomorrow anyway because my sa forgot to include the padlock (http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/padlock-included-with-speedy-86989.html#post1660537). so since i'm going back...i have another chance to decide if i want to stay with the 25 or not...

    i love the speedy design. it's classic and has clean, simple lines. however, i read the thread about someone being unhappy about their speedy since it is a bit of a hassle to tote around on shopping/busy days when both hands are needed. i followed other folks' advice and invested in a strap :smile: that said, is it odd to have the 25 on a strap versus the 30? also, i have a small build at 5'1"; will carrying the 30 be out of proportion or look silly with my frame? :love:

    sorry for all the silly questions. it's my first day here. and first day with a speedy :heart:. thanks in advance.

  2. i got the monogram canvas in 25 and sometimes wish i had gotten it in 30... but.. i think the damier looks better in 25 so i would probably keep it.
  3. I'd keep the Damier Speedy 25. ;)
  4. heehee, 2 to 0. i think i see a pattern...
  5. lol im the one who posted the complaint about the speedy 30. i'm getting used to it, btw! anyway, i'm 5'6 and at least 5'9 in heels and i feel like the 30 is just barely an appropriate size for me. it really is huge...i'd say stick with the 25.
  6. heehee so it was you! :smile: good that your 30 is growing on you, or vice versa. :smile:

    i would love to have my initial heat stamped on the zipper pull. how long does that process take?
  7. ^^ yup, just learned to put the bare minimum in there and be conscious of what i'm doing the day i'm carrying it out....i love it way too much (and have gotten way too many compliments) to part with it :love:

    that said, i'd love to see modeling pics once you decide on a size and tack on the strap....kind of like to get one myself to make my speedy more functional...:yes:
  8. sure thing. i think the strap should come this weekend. i will update this thread with "modeling" pics :smile: then...:shame:
  9. ok, i'm sorry to go against the grain here but i wasn't happy with the narrow opening of the 25, considering everything i need to toss into there. soo...sitting in my trunk while i'm slaving away at work (reading this forum lol) is the damier speedy 30 with a FABULOUS bag charm; you guys have to see it!! i hope the 30 doesn't look silly on me...

    i cannot wait to post pics i am as excited as a kid on christmas eve! i will start a thread later. :smile:
  10. i would stick with the 25. i personally like the speey's in the 25 i don't like big hand bags i would rather carry them on my shoulder but if you have the strap it should be ok.
  11. the 25 is such a nice size, it's just the opening that bugs me. i'm all about a nice big roomy bag :smile: even if it looks like i can fit inside it lol.

    ps sorry i know there are 25 vs 30 threads all over. i promise to do a search next time!
  12. I just bought the Speedy 30 for myself a few days ago...yipee

    I found the 25 to be too small for my frame as I am 5'9 without heels!! So the Speedy 30 was perfect.

    I would have loved the bigger Manhattan but its way above my price range right now..hmmmm..maybe next time :smile:

    Congrats on your speedy!
  13. yay for us :smile: may there be more lv's on the way...
  14. I always buy the Speedy 30 have the Multicolore black & the white & the Damier Azur
  15. to be honest i was gonna get a damier 25 also, but the thing is the 25 is too small, the opening part i mean.. however, the damier line in 25 does look cuter since ur small built.