speedy 25 or 30?

  1. i've decided to just get it over with and buy a speedy since I am not FULLY sold on the BH.

    I always said that my first LV would be a speedy and it never happened. What I need to decide is do i get a 25 or a 30. :confused1: The price difference isn't huge but I am sure there are opinions on what is better

  2. get BH it's very practical and can hold a lot plus I like shoulder bags better so your hands are free. I was never really a fan of speedies until I got my azur 25, I love it but I still rather use my BH as an everyday bag. BUT if you're getting the speedy the 25 is cute and if you carry a lot of things 30 might be better.
  3. It depends on what or how much you like to carry....even the 25 is sooo roomy, I have a 25 Damier and I admit when I first got it, I thought...hmmm this might be too small for me, but after carrying it for 2 days, I knew it was right for me. Are you looking for a damier or mono? I think the damier looks cuter in 25 and the mono looks cuter in 30 IMO. Good luck and post pics of your new speedy when you get it!!! :smile:
  4. I always say 30!! The 25 is just too small for me.
  5. Ironic, I have the BH and I absolutely LOVE IT - hands down, it's my favorite....however, I am seriously considering buying myself a Speedy too and cant' decide if I want the 25 or 30? Probably the 30 as it is a little larger, and I love to carry STUFF!!! The BH and Speedy are 2 different purses - the BH is great for work - carrying documents, bills, a laptop, etc... - which you can't do with the Speedy. i love 'em both, but i own the BH and woudn't trade it!! My next purse will be either the Cabas Piano, Alma or the Speedy 30!!!
  6. I have all three - the 25 mono, 30 mono and 25 Damier. Also recently got the Batignolles Horizontal. I don't like the Batignolles nearly as well as the speedies. It slips off my shoulder all the time. I'm giving it to my daughter. I like either the mono speedy 25 or 30. It just depends on your size and how much you carry. Sometimes I love the 30; other times it just seems too big and I like to carry the 25. I don't know if that helps - but I will say I don't like the BH nearly as well.
  7. I just bought the monogram 30 last night! I love it! I tried the 25 but it's too small for me. Big bags are in. I also tried the Batignolles Horizontal but it looks too much like a tote bag and it's not versatile, I won't be able to carry it at dinner parties and such. I also saw their new denim collection, but that's for another thread....
  8. 30, hands down. i have a mono 30 and a cerises 25. the 30 is just easier to find your things in. i only need a 25 for room, but i like to carry my 30 because the opening is bigger.
  9. What will you put in it? I've only got my wallet, cell, makeup kit, notebook planner, pouch for pen, mints, etc. and my speedy 25 isn't even full.
  10. Hi, I have a question. I am also buying the speedy 25 or 30 (tonight in fact) and can't decide which one. I notice that you said you wouldn't take the horizontal to dinner. Do you take your speedy 30 to dinner? I appreciate your response. I am leaving at 5 and getting one of the 2 bags and i want to use it for work, and going out!!!
  11. Get the 30 if u are the sort to pack ur life in ur bags. Otherwise the 25 should suffice 'cos it's really roomy like the other tPFers have mentioned. Also, it depends on whether u like smaller looking handbags or bigger ones in comparison with your body proportions.
  12. 30 for sure!!
  13. i think the 25 is cuter and looks better with smaller frames. the 30 looks massive on me and i find the 25 is still roomy enough for what i carry.
  14. I love the speedy 30! Its the perfect size.
  15. I think the 30 looks good on someone who is relatively tall and big (in terms of girth), or likes to carry their world with them.

    I chose the 25 because I'm relatively short ( 5, 4), relatively thin (125 lbs); I think I carry a lot of things but my 25 is only half full! Plus the major sag on the 30 turned me off.