Speedy 25 or 30?


What size Speedy, 25 or 30?

  1. 25

  2. 30

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  1. Which size Speedy do you prefer, 25 or 30?
  2. depends on the bag.

    Generally i'd have to say 30. I have a 25 and some days i can over fill it.
    the epi 25, mini lin 30 azur i think 25 but not 100 % sure.
    Mono 30, damier 25 i think.
  3. I love my mono 25
  4. Good question! I'm having the same problem. :sad:

    It depends on what you're going to be using it for, I think.
  5. the 25 is the only one that looks all right on me, because i'm only 5'4". anything bigger looks silly :lol:

    the 25 can hold a lot of things, and even more if you use a Purseket in it
  6. I was between the 25 and 30 when I got mine. What I was at LV I looked at both and the 25 I thought was just to small, especially the opening. I bought the 30 and am glad I did. That is just my opinion and it is all a matter of peference.
  7. i'm 5'4" and 85 lbs.
    25 looks better on me
  8. In general the 25, I think looks cuter cause sometimes the 30 can look like a piece of luggage...
  9. 25, if you're on the petite side.

    I love my azur 25 !!
  10. I like the 25 better because there is almost no sag.
  11. i love the sag on the 30!
  12. I do not like bags that sags. This is why I sold my denim Neo Speedy. I do not have any mono Speedy 25 or 30, because I do not like canvas (prefer leather). In terms of size, I think the 30 will be more useful (more timeless), especially as you get older. Somehow, more mature ladies tend to carry bigger bags, while young girls like smaller bags.
  13. I had to vote 30 because I have that bag and I love it. Lately though I have been thinking about one day getting the 25...it is so cute and I have started to carry less lately.
  14. I prefer the 30.
  15. I prefer 25