Speedy 25 or 30?

  1. Okay i know people have gone over this many times but, 25 OR 30!!!! :hysteric: :hysteric: :shrugs:

    its really tiring to pick which one, i want one that looks nice to my height, im about 5'4" or 5'5" any help?

    if someone else is around the same height with the speedy, can you post a pic? i looked in the visual aids, but not everyone gives height.

    o yea its not important, but im gonna get the Damier Azur speedy.:wlae: My first speedy! (not including Sac HL)
  2. here are my Mono and Damier Speedy 25s. i'm 5'4".
    damier speedy 001.jpg speedy 001.jpg
  3. is it small on the inside? i saw how much it fits, so is it "comfortable" i have a pti do you think that will fit, well, i dont have to carry it, no CC's yet,? thanks for the pix
  4. Speedy 25 or 30

    Damier Speedy 25 or 30?

    i want one that looks nice to my height, im about 5'4" or 5'5" any help?

    All depends on what you carry, and are comfortable carrying. I think aside from height body type is a big part too.
    I think if you are 5'3 and 100 a 30 will look huge on you just because you are tiny. where a 25 would be perfect.
    if you're 5'4 and 120 you can carry both I think. Where i think if you're 5'8 and are 100 you might get away with a 25 but i'm sure a 30 would suit your height better, compared to bing 5'8 and 130 you'd carry a 30 without issue.

    but again it depends on what you are comfy carrying and what you carrying during the day.
    when i first bought my speedy 25 My first lv) i thought it was HUGE thus onpting for the 25. Now i think its small and would perfect the 30.
    If i was to buy new speedy it would be a 30 unless it was a limited bag that only came in 25.
  5. Speedy 25 is 10" L x 7" H x 6" W this is almost the size of a printer paper to give you an idea.

    Speedy 30 is 12" L x 8" H x 6.5" W

    check this link out, you will have to go through to see what bags are which

    you will see tons of bags there and what they will carry.
    speedy 25 (thanks to Jo jo)

    Speedy 25 (thanks to littlepanda)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    speedy 30 thanks to hk1004
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hope these help and YES a pti will fit and then some
  6. i can fit my wallet, makeup, cell phone, keys, and pencil case and medium agenda when i go to school
    purseket 001.jpg purseket 002.jpg purseket 003.jpg purseket 004.jpg
  7. here are few more pic's both speedy 25's

    this is speedy30
    cerisesinside2.JPG damier speedy 25 001.jpg
  8. wow thanks, okay, so one last question, is it "easy" to get into the 25?
  9. if you have small accessories no,
    if you have larger ones i'd say yes but not to the point that its annoying.
  10. Eoe you can fit all of that in there?
  11. I have two Speedy 25s, the Damier and the Monogram. I carry a monogram porte tresor (and no, I don't have any trouble getting it in either purse), a monogram cosmetic case, a medium ring agenda, a sunglasses case, my ipod, my cell phone, a paperback and sometimes a small water bottle.
  12. Speedy 30. I have the 25, 30 and 40. I use my 30 and 40 way more than I do the 25. :smile:
  13. I'm 5'2 and I love my 30. Had a 25, sold it 6 months after buying it and got the 30. i've had my 30 for a year and a half now - it's a definitely keeper :P
  14. I had the 25, but I exchanged it for the 30.

    ETA: And I am 5'6"
  15. yup yup yup
    :yes: :yes: :yes: