Speedy 25 or 30

  1. Which is the original that was designed for Audrey Hepburn? Or did they come out at the same time? The pictues seem larger than the 25.
  2. I thought I read on this board that it was the 25, but I may be wrong.
  3. On her, it's most likely the 25. The 30 would probably look huge on her!
  4. Here's a pic:
  5. But I heard that she is really tall.
  6. The bag Audrey is holding looks much bigger than the current 25. Look at the monogram.
  7. I bought my Speedy because I saw that pic, it is so classic. The proportions look different than the current Speedy 25. I would recommend asking LV_Addict.
  8. yes, you're right. it looks too big to be the 25.
  9. I believe it was the 30. :yes:
  10. classic bag, you can never go wrong with this bag.
  11. According to IMDB she is 5'7''.

    I agree the Speedy on the picture looks more like a 30.
  12. BF wanted to know where Audrey's Speedy is right now. LOL. He thinks it should be in a museum or something.