Speedy 25 or 30

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  1. I seem to remember a thread debating the 25 versus the 30, but now I can't find it. Could everyone weigh in with what they prefer? I've got a Paddy and a medium Balenciaga, so I don't mind big bags. Also, if you could post a picture of yourself holding it, I'd appreciate it.

    Also, did I read somewhere on the forum that LV is raising their prices soon? If so, do you know when?
  2. Im buying the 30 in 2 weeks time :biggrin: im so excited its my first real bag, ive got dkny etc.. but not the very expensive ones.
    The next two weeks until i get to paris will go sooo slow for me but it will be worth the wait, although ive been reading LV posts on here for a while and it seems the 25 would be better for me as im petit at 5'2 but ill go the store and see which one looks better
  3. I am in the same boat; the closest LV boutique is 2.5 hours away so I was just going to order from ELuxury. If anyone wants to post pics holding their 25 or 30, that would be so awesome!!!
  4. The other thread was probably moved to the Louis Vuitton forum.
  5. I took my daughter to LV to buy her 16th birthday present.. She picked out a 25. It seemed cute for her age 16 and 5'2". She then tried on the 30. It was way more of an impact bag in my opinion. Hers too. She felt like it would last her well into adulthood whereas the 25 might grown small on her. The price difference is only about $30 so she picked out the 30. She loves it I love it and we took a sturdy magazine and slipped it into a prada dust bag (perfect fit) and that is how the bottom stays intact and not saggy.
  6. The thread has been moved to LV forum....I have the speedy 30. Then again, I tend to carry quite a bit! A purseket helps to organize your stuff.
  7. speedy 25 for me. speedy 30 is just waaay too big! I'm 5"4...
  8. i have a 25, i'm 5'6" and i think it's a great size. when i went in to try the sizes out, my SA and i both agreed that the 25 (and no bigger!) was perfect.

  9. What size purseket works best with the 30?
  10. Im going into LV next week with my mom. She is getting a epi Jasmine in Orange,and Im allowed to get a speedy 25 or 30. Which size should I get? im 16 and 5'8. I already have a Boulonge that is Pretty big,and I have a pouchette & grand twin gm pouchette. Im thinking of getting a medium sized LV bag.. which do you think is better for me?
  11. a girl on livejournal recommended a medium. i ordered a medium in the leopard print even though i have a 25 just because it's so cute :heart:. i'll use it eventually, right?
  12. try them on, but if you're 5'8", you might like the 30 better.
  13. I think the 30 may be better for the long-term. I can see the 25 being a size you can "grow out of" unless you're a really petite person... But that's just my opinion. I'm only 5'4", but I can't imagine using a 25. But I'm 31...
  14. I have both the Epi and Monogram canvas in 25. They are sized slightly differently, but I prefer the smaller size.
  15. Amanda, where did you get it? I've never heard of a purse ket before :huh: