speedy 25 or 30?

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  1. hey everyone - im a newbie to this part of pf.
    recently i have discovered my love for the lv mono speedy. but the dilemma facing me now is what size - 25 or 30?? I really just cant decide - i would love you guys input!

    And does anyone know the cost of these 2 bags in NZD? As i am living in Christchurch NZ.

  2. It might help if you try them on in the boutique. I personaly like 25 as I don't carry too many things and I don't like sagging Speedy.
  3. I have the speedy 25 i got it when i was in High School and it suited me well then but 4 years later i havent worn it in a year. :s Nothing really fits in now...my sunglasses and wallet...thats about it and its hard to get one of them out...so depending on what you carry i would actually recomend the 30...after i get the Galliera PM im thinking about the speedy 30 or 35 myself. someone posted a picture showing the differences in sihe between the 25 and 30 and its pretty significant. Here's the link...i hope i helped :flowers:

  4. 25 is SO CUTE. but 30 can carry a lot more. so if u got a lot to carry then 30 but if u want cute then 25
  5. I was recently in your situation. I went with the 30 and I love it!! If you carry a lot definetly go with the 30.
  6. I personally love the 30, the 25 is just too small for me. :smile:
  7. Both. I have three 25s and soon to be two 30s, and they are great for different things. If I only had one it would probably be a 30. Do a search on this topic, there are many threads on this!
  8. i love the 30:heart:3
  9. I don't like big bags and even I think the 25 is too small for most people.
  10. I vote for the 30! :tup:
  11. I vote for 25, but that's cuz I'm 5'2" and a 30 swamps me. Go for what suits you best!
  12. i think it depends on your age and what you'll use your speedy for~
    if you're on college or working, i think the speedy 30 is perfectly chic and classy for you. it fits a ton, without looking too big.
    whereas if you're younger, a cute little 25 would do just fine...
    though, the 30 seems like the better investment, bc sooner or later, you will want to retire the 25 for a 30 :P
  13. Check out different modeling pics in the forum or go to the store and try them both on and look in the mirror. I've noticed that although the 25 fits all my stuff with room to spare, I like the 30 better. I've seen other members pics with the 30 and it looks great on them! I'm hoping to eventually get a 30! Hope this kinda helps!
  14. I vote for the 30 :smile: The 25 is too small.
  15. 30!:tup: