Speedy 25 or 30?

  1. Hi All,

    I have a mono Speedy 35 and have been using it every day. I love love it! But I am feeling the need to buy a smaller one, also. Here is my question.... should I get the 25 or 30? I feel like I need a smaller one for those casual dinners and more conservative outfits. I don't like the Damier because it feels too masculine to me. So I want another mono in the smaller size. I am 5'4" and about 140 pounds. I have pretty wide shoulders. So I am kind of afraid that the 25 will look silly on me. I am also not 20 years old anymore. KWIM? Thoughts?
  2. I tried on both the 30 and the 25 at the store today: the 25 is absolutely delicious, and if you need a small bag, I say go for it :tup:
    I really don't think it will look silly on you, neither for age or frame
  3. Speedy 25... :smile:
  4. 30!!!!
  5. I'd go for the 25.
  6. I say go for the 25 since you already have a big bag (the 35).
  7. I think the 25 would suit best for dinners, plus its the smallest, whereas with the 30 you it might not feel its THAT different? If you understand me lol
  8. 30 is for everyday use on casual stlye
  9. I have all three. The 25, 30, and the 35. While the 35 is my favorite, I would say that you would prefer the 30 if you want smaller. The 25 is very small and in my 35 type opinion, the 25 would be too small.
  10. So some say 25, some say 30.....
    I will be going to the store this weekend to try them. I just don't want to drive the SA crazy with my indecision so I am trying to think it through before I go. I love the idea of having three different sizes... so decadent! I am terrified that I will ask the SA to show me the Manhattan PM and fall completely in love...... or the Alma mono.... I want to keep the costs down. That is the down side of going to LV. You see so many bags that you want so you have to stay focused. You have to remember why you came in the first place.... eye on the ball... or the bag in this case! I will just have to keep the image of the perfect Speedy in my mind.
  11. 30!
  12. Since you already have a 35 I'd go for the 25. The 30 might be a little too close in size. The 25 is more structured and would fit your needs for dinners and such.
  13. 25
  14. 25
  15. 30. 25 is too small for me and I'm only 5'2.