speedy 25 or 30?

  1. i'm thinking about getting a speedy but cant decide if I should get the 25 or 30. can someone please post some pics with their speedy 25 and 30? i'm 5'3, average frame.
  2. I would suggest the 25. Im 5'4 about 120-125 and the 30 looked too big on me. The 25 is a great size, it holds alot and it looks nice on someone our size. Im very happy with it. look in a full length mirror with it on your wrist. you can see how the proportion looks.
  3. Sadhunni, I go go back and forth on this question too! I like bigger bags, and I'm 5'4", but the 30 seems huge to me. Good luck on your decision!
  4. Hi. Im in love with my Speedy 30. Im 5'3 125lbs so average frame..and this bag works so well with me. Its a great bag and I had it since forever. I suggest you get the 30 if you want to carry more things in the bag. I use it for class, shopping, and for hiding other smaller LV bags I don't want my bf to know bought. :worried: But its great. If you want to carry just a few items like your wallet, keys, cosmetics, maybe a small book I suggest the 25. You should definitely go to the store and try it out. Hold it as if you would carry it while walking with it and look at yourself in the mirror. Choose the one you think that looks better. :lol: But I'm sure you'll love which ever one you get. Good Luck
  5. I am about 5'8", I hope these help.:biggrin:
    with 30 --->[​IMG]
    with 25 --->[​IMG]
  6. There have been four or five previous threads on this topic- lots of good info. If you can't go to a store to see the two sizes, make a paper model. This really helped me! I got the 25 BTW, and I love it! (I am 5'3" and about 114 pounds).

    Check out the celelbrities with speedy thread!
  7. Hehe.. you look like your idol Vicky B. in your picture with the mandarin speedy LV_addict ! :biggrin:

    And I prefer the 25, I'm 5'0 and.. I think it kind of borders on looking to large on me as it is !
  8. u look great w/ those bags!!! but anyway, is there ayone who's 5'4 or shorter that can provide me pics w/ their speedies?
  9. I love your outfits here! :love: You looked so rock n' roll!
  10. I'm 5'3" and 125 lbs and I think the 25 fits better for me. I don't have a speedy but I'll get the 25 over the 30.
  11. I say go for the 25...so cute but seems like it holds a lot of stuff from what other posters have said. I want one too!
  12. anyone, pics w/ speedies please?
  13. * oops... edit... I didn't see you want to request pictures of 5'4 with speedy

    LV_addict, your outfit adds so much personality to the mandarin speedy! It does have a very rock 'n roll feel to it! (your pose is parallel to Vicky B!)

    * Sadhunni, I think you would be better off going to the store and try it on yourselfs. Sometimes it does look different on images from actually having it in your arm. Personally, I'm 5'5 and I think 30 is perfect for me. (and also the fact that I carry my room in my bag ):biggrin:
  14. I am 5'3 and using a 25 :amuse:
  15. I'm 5'4" and find my 30 too small! But, I prefer bigger bags. It think alot depends on how much you carry.
    LV_addict, you carry those bags well!