speedy 25 or 30?? HELP!!

  1. I just bought the speedy 25. I've been wanting either that or the speedy 30. When I bought my 25 they were out of locks so they told me to come back in about 1-2 weeks, but I've been thinking if I should change it for a 30. =/ I'm not sure though. What do you guys think. I'm 5'2-5'3 if that helps at all. I don't want it to over power me but I'm not sure which will be better. Advice please! :confused1:
  2. the bigger the better, IMO
  3. depends what u intend to use it for. for me speedy 30 is a bit too big for regular everyday use - they're more suitable for travelling (unless, of course, u're the type that lugs around tons of things w you everyday).... otherwise - speedy 25 - suitable for any occasion day or nite and plus, with ur height, speedy 30 would overpower you
  4. 25`s are super cute for petite girls
  5. 30.
  6. both are great! Just try them on. I think that if you're even starting to think about changing to the 30, though, you will eventually want the 30 more.
  7. For your size, I would say 25!
  8. I'm partial to the 30. Had a 25, and then sold it to fund the 30! I see your a mother (from your member name), a 30 will work better for you with children.
  9. I am 5'2 and I adore my 25. I think it more depends on how much you carry. I don't have enough to fill a 30 in my opinion. My 25 holds all my stuff and then some. I carry a good size wallet, phone, cosmetic bag, sunglass case, keys etc. I love my 25.
  10. Are you enjoying your 25 and finding that it is comfortable? If so, then I would keep it.
    I've tried the 30 several times and get wishy washy on it, but I have always ended up with the 25. It is just better for me.
  11. I'm 5' and I carry the 30 as an everyday bag. I went back and forth between the 25 and 30 but finally decided on the 30 and I'm so glad I did. It's a great bag and size. The 30 is also very convenient when traveling. I'm totally amazed what it can hold sometimes.
  12. for your size, keep the 25... the 30 looks really unbalanced on a petite frame imo...
  13. cool. Thank you everyone with your replies! I've been looking everywhere for pictures of people and their speedy 30 then a lady told me about this site! I'm hooked on it now! lol :tup:
  14. i recently upgraded from a 25 to a 30! but i'm the type who carries around everything :biggrin:. I love having the extra room to throw in my scarf, gloves, hat when i come out of the cold.
  15. I like 30 the best! :tup:
    But I think you have to try them both on in the store to see which looks better on you!