speedy 25 or 30? help!

  1. I'm debating whether i should get a speedy 25 or 30, since one is roomier than the other, but the 25 can be used to go out at night and not look oversized. help! i don't know which one to choose and would appreciate your oppinion.

  2. i love my 25! i can get evrything in it and rarelyfill it up

    my sis has the 30 and prefers it and my mom has the 35 but recently got a 30 bc the 35 was too big
  3. I have a 25, and though it is smaller it fits quite allot. Enough for day to day in my opinion.
  4. Go for the 30.... more bang for your buck. I find the 25 too small.
  5. I thought the 30 was a little too big for me, so I went with the 25 instead. It depends on how much stuff you have to carry around on a daily basis.
  6. I like my speedies in 25.
  7. 25! I think the 30 is much too big, but I'm kinda little...
  8. I have both 25 & 30 but seem to use my 30 more:tup:
  9. If you are going to use it for going out as well, like you indicated, then go for the 25, much cuter. But if you carry a lot more stuff, the 30 is good for everyday use.
  10. i got my first speedy in a 25, and then got my second in a thirty, so i prefer thirty!
  11. I prefer the look of the speedy 25 so i have it in mono damier ebene and azur. But if i need to carry more stuff i have mini lin and MC speedies. So to answer your question if all of your daily things fit in the 25 i would go for that much cuter in mono.
  12. The 25 is tiny and hard to get in/out of. I don't consider the speedy an evening or "going out at night" bag. I prefer a clutch for this. But that's just me. I find the Speedy 30 to be the perfect everyday size. :yes:
  13. Get a 30!
  14. 30!!!
  15. ITA. I hardly manage to fill up my 25. I actually have to think of things to stuff it with.