speedy 25 or 30 for my mom

  1. I need some help ladies. My mom will be turning 47 shortly and I was planning on getting her a LV. However, I don't know whether I should get her a 25 or 30? (she's about 5'3) Is the 25 too small or is the 30 too big? Any suggestions?

  2. I am 5'6" and I prefer the 25. However, a lot of ladies on here like the 30. I think that the 25 is cuter, but the top opening is smaller and harder to get into. Also, the 25 doesn't sag as much, but obviously the 30 holds more!
  3. It really depends on how much your mom likes to carry.
    Does she carry only essentials..........the 25 would be great!
    If she needs to also carry the kitchen sink, then the 30 would be better.
    Either way, I know she will love it!
  4. I am a Speedy 30 fan, 5'6" also!
  5. I'm 5'5" and prefer the 30. I actually like the looks/size of the 25 more than the 30 but the 25 is not big enough for me...

  6. :yes: me, too. Both have their pros and cons. But they are both beautiful bags.
  7. I think a 25 would be better...just IMO...
  8. I am a mom and am 48 and 5'3" tall. I actually have both. The one I use more though and grab all the time is my 25. I still use the 30, but I don't carry a whole lot most of the time and I just find myself going for the 25.

    If your mom carries a fair amount though - you can't go wrong with the 30. I love how easy it is to get into the 30, and you can get her a purseket which helps with the sag.

    I love both. If you can only get one - I would probably pick the 30.
  9. 30...
  10. 30
  11. depends on how much she carries, but I would lean towards the 30. My mom is about 5'0 and looked good when she tried on my 30.
  12. 30! Somehow 25 seems 'half size' Speedy IMO:shrugs: But Definitely DO get her a pursekit either Speedy you choose, Large for 30, and Medium for 25 :yes:
  13. I prefer the 25, just feel like the 30 sags and is too big!
    I carry alot and I have plenty of room, and I am 5'4"
  14. Happy early birthday to your mom!

    I'd get her the 30 if the only option for LV was a speedy... have you considered other bags? What about petit bucket or batignolles vertical/horizontal?
  15. I carry a LOT and I have the 25. It's deceiving - and you have to own one and use one to realize how much this bag can carry. I also like the 25 because it can go from day to night. I like that I can take it to go out to dinner and it's not a huge bag. Now, that being said, I would also like the 30 one day for the days I need to carry even more! By the way, my 25 sags a little - but I love that part about it.