Speedy 25 or 30 for a short girl?

  1. Hi i am getting a Speedy for my birthday in december, but i am still not sure whether to get a Speedy 25 or 30. I am on the shorter side at 5'1 and have a smaller frame.

    I love both the Speedy 25 and 30, but i want one that doesn't overwhelm my frame and look "oversized" but still fits in my daily needs such as a university text book, sunglasses, water bottle, wallet, phone, diary and perhaps a light cardigan.

    Would a Speedy 25 be able to accomodate all that? And if so, should i go for Monogram or Damier?:girlsigh: as this is my first LV bag and i want a classic.

    Thanks for you help :smile:
  2. Wow, you sure carry a lot of stuff for a small girl. Actually, I was about to say Speedy 25 would be a nice choice considering your frame. Since you carry so many things with you, I don't think Speedy 25 will fit them all especially your university text book.

    Speedy in Monogram will be a timeless classic.
  3. I am only 5'2" and I love both! I have the cerise 25 and many of the 30 modles! LOVE them all!!!
  4. I'm 5'2 and definitely prefer the 30 over the 25. :yes:
  5. How funny! We're the same height & carry the same stuff (though I have to add a make-up bag to my list...ha ha)!

    You'll need the 30...most uni-sized books don't fit in the 25 at all, not to mention all your other necessities. I only love the monogram but, I think they're both classics. Just try both on & see which one you prefer.
  6. I'm about your size so I can definitely see your POV there. I much prefer smaller handbags these days -- but I remember toting HEAPS of stuff around when I was at uni. I think, when you're in a situation where you have a lot to carry, you can't really afford to give much consideration to getting the size right for your frame, because what you really need in that situation is simply a bag that does the job. It also happens when you have babies and young children -- you have a lot to carry and you need a bag that will take care of the practicalities. So while you're still studying, I think the 30 would be more suited to your needs.

    Re mono versus Damier - one vote for mono. :yes:
  7. I was going to say 25 until i finished reading. you may need to get the 30 to carry all of your things.
  8. I'm 5'1" and prefer the 25 over the 30, but I don't think the 25 would fit all that. So I say go for the 30.
  9. I agree with all the posters. I originally was going to say 25 until I read everything you want to put in it. The 30 would fit you best. Another option I'll suggest is getting a 25 and another bag for your books.....that's what I did when I was going to college. I hated mixing up my wallet and make up with books and pens.
  10. for a $35 difference...i always go for the 30.
    I regret buying the 25...sooo small!! I'm short too, try heels?!?!
  11. I'm 5'2" and a size 2/4....go for the 30. I prefer it over the 25.
  12. Your going to need the 30 to carry all of that, I'm 5'2 and I have the 30 it doesn't look overwhelming
  13. Since you carry a book, I'd go for the 30...
  14. I prefer 30. not so much difference between 25 and 30. you can carry much things with speedy 30.
  15. I am 5'2", 100 lbs, so similar stature to you...
    I have the 25 and it is PERFECT! It holds a bundle! HOWEVER, I don't think it will hold a book (I have the Neverfull PM for that), and I would personally not put water (or any other food/beverage items) into any of my LVs to prevent water stains and other stains.
    I see why so many other posters are recommending the 30 based on what ou want to carry in it, and I agree totally with the concept of taking your books & snacks in a different tote, be it LV or not (although I would not carry food/bev items in mine unless I used a zip-lock or something to insulate any "accidents").