Speedy 25 or 30? and what color?? HELP!

  1. Hi, I am thinking of getting the Mini Lin Speedy, but can't decide between the white and the ebene and the size. I am 5'5 and don't care to carry a TON of stuff, but want a versatile everyday-ish sort of bag. Thoughts? Pics? Thanks guys!
  2. or the damier line.. cant decide!?
  3. sorry missed the other thread on th 25 v. 30.. i think i will go with the 30 but any thoughts on the mini lin v. the damier, is mini lin hard to take care of?
  4. personally for me I prefer damier or azur speedy 30 orrr mono 30... they are easy to use for everyday. mini lin is hard to use for everyday for me. couse it is fabric and get dirth easily espcl the light color. I am using azur and mono speedy 30 I loveeeeeeeeeeeee them. I would like to buy damier speedy 30. have nice shopping....
  5. Get the damier in the 30!
  6. Mini Lin ebene, damier Azur 30 or Epi 30 :tup:
  7. I'd do the damier 30, easy to take care of and its big enough to carry daily things + more!
  8. Damier 30