speedy 25 on tall chick

  1. okay, please be honest...i'm 5'9.5 (about 135, med. frame) and dh gave me a speedy25 as an anniv gift. he was so excited about choosing this one. he said he debated over that and the 30...and to him the latter looked like luggage.

    i don't have the heart to hurt his feelings (i actually think it looks like a tiny lunch box on me). so i can't exchange it, for fear he'd feel i didn't appreciate his efforts.

    oh what to do...do you think i can rock it, or will i look like some Amazon stuck with a mini-bag?

    oh and i'm a newbie so hello to all you fabulous people. this is just my 2nd post.

  2. CAn you post a photo of you holding the 25 so we can tell you our thoughts? There is a chance if you exchange it, your husband may not even know you did, for the 2 sizes would not be sitting side by side for him to see like they were in the boutique!
  3. I think you should keep it- he put thought into the gift and it probably would hurt his feelings to take it back. A long time ago, my husband gave me a Coach bag for Christmas that he picked out and I returned it. It was a long time before he had the inclination to surprise me with another purse for a gift, and I regretted returning it because I know it hurt his feelings. I actually STILL regret it. He recently bought me a red Epi Speedy 25, I love it and I am 5'10". That old saying "Never look a gift horse in the mouth" makes a lot of sense to me. It would be better to love the 25 that he bought you for the extremely thoughtful gift that it was, and save up for a 30 if you still want one of those, too.
  4. Why don't you be honest with him? Explain your problem and that you could get a 30 as it's only a tiny bit more. You shouldn't just stick with a present if you're not entirely happy, it'll always nag on your mind you're not comfortable using it.
  5. welcome to tPF
    I know a lot of tall girls who carry their 25s & looking great :yes:
    congrats on your new bag
  6. I'm 5ft 9 and tried the speedy 25 and 30 - I preferred the 30!

    I think you should exchange it if you really like the 30, you can give your dh credit for selecting the "speedy" in the first place, given the variety of choice! I'm sure he'd prefer you to have a bag you love and will use, rather than not using the 25 if you really don't love it!
  7. I'm just under 5'9 and on the thin side and prefer the 25 to the 30. 30 feels like a travel bag to me.
  8. I'm 5"11 and have a speedy 25 and get compliments with it all the time so it can't look that bad!! LOL!!

    Believe me if you keep on this forum in no time you will be buying another bag...mabe a speedy 30 !
  9. Yup the 30 feels like a travel bag
  10. Post pics so we can see how it really looks!
  11. I'm 5.8 and I think a 25 looks fine on me! What I do sometimes is tie a scarf around one of the handles (in a bow), this no only co-ordinates with any clothing but kinda acts as an optical illusion and widens the bag. I think because is the speedy shape it is very easy for larger sizes to look like gym bags! (no offence! - i love all speedies!)
  12. yes, please post pic. personally i like the shape of speedy 25, i think it is soo cute.
  13. thank you guys for all the quick replies. i didn't expect to get a lot of answers quickly. let me fiddle with my camera first so i can post pics.

    and glamfoxx-you hit the nail on the head. the reason i'm apprehensive about returning is that he may not be inclined to surprise me in the future, just as what happened to you. i'm sure it would hurt his feelings some how (even if he tells me it's okay).

    and i'm super happy to read a lot of tall girls on this board are rocking the speedy 25. yey!!!

    hugs tpf.
  14. I like the shape of speedy 25 better than 30. I think speedy 25 is very cute and speedy 30 is a bit like travel bag.

    I have both 25 and 30 and I like 25 better, I'm 5' 6" by the way, not as tall as you but I think both 25 and 30 will look good on you.
  15. I love speedy 25, it's cuter than the 30 but it's just my opinion.