Speedy 25 monogram? Yay or nay?

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  1. So recently I've been hit with the lv bug and I've been going a little insane and got three items within a month (cles, mini pochette, DE Speedy B 25 )😛 so my question is: since I already have a speedy b, should I go and get a speedy 25 in monogram? I've always wanted to own a vintage piece from lv and I found one for roughly around $450 in amazing condition made in 1995.

    Should I save that money towards a different style or should I get it?

  2. Get it. ;)
  3. Get it! Especially for that price in that condition. :biggrin:
  4. I would prefer to save - if you are debating the issue, there must be things that you prefer if given the choice. The bag is almost 20 years old - I guess it is a decent price, but I would prefer a new one - a few years old is one thing, a few decades is another.
  5. If it's still in good shape, then go ahead :smile: I would suggest opting for a Speedy B though.
  6. I would say get it as well. If later on you wish you had e money for something else you can always resell it.
  7. The items made years ago are better quality than what they make now, in my opinion. If you think you would get use out of a handheld only bag, then it's iconic and I think you can't go wrong with a classic monogram speedy :smile:
  8. I say go for it. As someone mentioned, if you find yourself wanting something later on, you can always resell it.
  9. Yes! =D I want one too, but in speedy B.