Speedy 25 Monogram or Damier?

I love both but am hoping to get a Damier because it rains so much where I live that I am paranoid to use my mono bag. It doesn't have a patina yet and I don't want to get water spots.:shame:
I think you;re going to have a hard time deciding because I think that there are equal numbers in favor of one or the other (or BOTH!) on the forum.

His Angel - It really depends on what you are carrying, and I think how it looks proportionally. I am 5'3" and thought that the Speedy 30 did not look right on me. Also, when I use my Speedy 25, I tend not to carry alot, although I can comfortably fit my cell, blackberry, my LV Medium agenda, umbrella, and a small book.
I think you might have to choose this yourself but I prefer the damier speedy.

You have to take into consideration how you treat your bag, if you care about patina, etc.
I have a mono 25 and I love it. I was thinking that I want the damier when it comes out, but now I'm not sure. I actually think the damier print is a bit ugly...maybe I just thought I wanted the damier speedy b/c of all the hype.