Speedy 25 - keep or sell?

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  1. Do you think a speedy 25 can be considered slightly dressy(for a college student anyways)?:shrugs: because after having mine for a few months, i've realised it's not really big enough for my everyday needs, but it's nice for a dinner out kind of event. So it got me thinking, i was wondering whether u LV experts out there think i should just keep the speedy, and use it for occasional events like that, or if i should sell it, and get a speedy 30:yahoo:, and get something else more appropriate for evening use?
    it's really more about getting my bag into the rotation more often! it just seems to me that the mono canvas is so nice and durable i really should be using it for everyday use more, and leave something more delicate for the occasional night out, KWIM? :yes:

    btw, i'm 5"4ft and athletically built, 21 years old. :tup:

    TIA everyone!! :flowers:
  2. Well you have to love the bag I think to carry it everyday. You also have to be comfortable in what you are carrying. I find myself not carrying certain bags as much because they aren't comfy or whatever the reason is. That is a great bag and being young, and athletic I bet you look really cute carrying it too!
  3. I'm a college student, too and the 25 is perfect for me...but in your situation, I would sell it and get a 30 and maybe something smaller for going out...maybe a pochette? Good luck!
  4. I would go for the 30.
  5. I would totally get the 30. I love it and I'm a college student too and for evenings out and what not I think a pochette or get one of the makeup bags could serve as a nice clutch (thats what I'm planning on doing) you can have it in your speedy but if your going out you take it and put some essentials in it and off you go!
  6. i agree with theglamorous, go for the 30.............
  7. you have to get what your comfortable with...if you need something bigger get the 30...and then get something to take when you go out.
  8. Sell it and get the 30!
  9. speedy 30 is perfect !! get it !
  10. 30 All the way!
  11. get the 30 so you can use your Speedy everyday!
  12. I'm having that dilemma as well! :s but I just love my speedy 25!! what to do....
  13. I sold my speedy 25. I just didn't use it enough to keep it. I love the 30, I use it all the time!
  14. If you don't use it, sell it.