Speedy 25 inside Neverfull GM

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  1. Would someone be SO SO kind to take a photo of a Speedy 25 inside a Neverfull GM???? I would REALLY appreciate it! XoXo
  2. I can't help (don't own either) but you've got me curious. Why?
  3. Ok, I know this might sound crazy, but I just got a neverfull GM and I was thinking that it would be awesome to have a smaller bag to put inside for grab and go purposes. Like just running into the store and not in need of so many items or such a big bag.....is that too nuts?
  4. I have a pouchette, but sometimes I need a bag that can carry a bit more than that...like my wallet, etc. I just wanted to see if it would even work like i think it could in my mind.
  5. I think the Speedy 25 would still be awkward inside a Neverfull. I use a Pochette inside mine for that purpose. The new Pochette is even bigger, so that may be a good idea for you, as it's flat.
  6. What about the new size pochette??? It is bigger and will fit a wallet. Or what about the tp26? It holds alot!?
  7. What's the tp26?
  8. Maybe the Eva clutch? I want something crossbody...
  9. Toiletry pouch 26, which actually is a good idea to use inside the neverful. :smile:
  10. If you want cross body, then Eva is a great choice. I have one and I love it. What about the Favourite? It is larger than the Eva.
  11. To be honest I think my speedy 40 might fit in my neverfull gm. It can't fit when it's not folded, however if you "pancake" it/ fold the speedy, it fits quite well
  12. +1!

    I use mine as a cosmetic pouch and organizer. It's THAT big. :smile:
  13. My friend uses her speedy 25 in her Neverfull GM and it fits with room to spare. I think it's a good idea.