Speedy 25... in the mini lin?

  1. I've seen lots of pictures of the Speedy 30 in mini lin, but I have yet to see a 25. Does this exist? I would love a mini lin in the dune color, but I would rather have a 25 over a 30.
  2. Nope. Doesn't exist. Hmm... I wonder if they'll make it though
  3. Ahhh shoot. I hope they do come out with it. I really like the dune mini lin speedy but I really want a it in 25.... Oh well
  4. Would be so cute if they made it a Speedy 25 especially in Dune...
  5. I really want them to come out with the 25, a 30 looks too big on me.
  6. me too...would be great if they have 25 in dune
  7. I would be more apt to get it in the 25 too. 30 is huge to me.
  8. I love the 25!
  9. same here :yes:
  10. nope. for the 25 though, check out the epi.
  11. I would also love it in a 25. Lets hope. :girlsigh:
  12. I would buy one in 25 too.
  13. I want them to come out with a Mini Lin 25 as well. I tried the 30, when it first came out, it was too big for me.
  14. I'm on board for the 25 size also, the 30 is just a big bag!