Speedy 25 in monogram canvas, Should I buy it?

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  1. Hi Chicas!! Should I buy this purse? Is easy to carry? I know is a classic but I'm not sure about it yet. Thoughts??
  2. Great bag! Esp. if it's your starter piece. Go for it.!
  3. Thank you Irene! I will try to get it from my fiance this valentine:idea: :lol: !!
  4. Do you like the damier canvas? If you're patient enough, you could also trying waiting til the Damier Speedy comes out. I'm on the waiting list along w/ everyone else and it seems to die for!
  5. Go Go Go for it! I just love my speedy 25 and it holds a lot of stuff. :love: :love: Great starter piece but highly addivtive:biggrin:
  6. Hmm.:hrmm: I like it!! Now the decision is going to be more difficult. I think I can (can I??)wait. The good thing about buying a LV in the San Juan boutique in Puerto Rico, is that you don't have to pay taxes!!!
  7. I'm so jealous!!! :amazed:
  8. I love mine!!! I got it on thursday. Its the perfect size!
  9. Great bag!! My first LV bag was the speedy 30. So so roomy, I even carried it around to house diapers and such. A must have first LV bag. Either way, the speedy 25 or 30 are classy bags!
  10. Go for it. It's a classic bag, and it holds a ton of stuff.
  11. Wish I had brought home some stuff while in Puerto Rico. The mall was great but I decided not to shop...what was I thinking lol
  12. You should go for it! I used mine all week this past week (I'm trying hard not to switch purses so often).
  13. I have the Speedy 30 and I like how roomy it is. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Speedy 25 :biggrin:
  14. I think you should get the speedy 25! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of mine!!!
  15. i totally agree with everyone! its a classic piece and you'll have it for ages in your collection!