Speedy 25: Epi vs Monogram. Is there a slight size difference?

  1. Does anyone own BOTH an epi speedy 25 AND a monogram speedy 25?

    I vaguely remember that there is a bit of a size difference but I can't remember which is bigger.

    Thanks to all you LV girls for your help in advance!!
  2. I believe the Epi is slightly bigger.
  3. hi...does anyone have pics to show the difference???
  4. check out post #624 - all four of those Speedies are 25s. The epis are significantly larger. However, I think the zippers are the same length, so the epis don't open up as far (does that make sense?).

  5. I have the Epi 25 in red and got the Azur 25 and it was smaller than my Epi.
    I had since exchanged it for the Azur 30.
  6. Yeah, the zipper on the epi doesn't go all the way to the end when you open it, therefore, constricting the way the speedy opens up.
  7. I have damier speedy 25, azur speedy 25, mono speedy 25, and epi speedy 25 in black, the epi looks larger than the canvas models. I think it appears this way because the canvas speedies are slouchy like and epi is more structured. When I take my canvas bags and totally fill them for storage (basically making them look structured)and set it next to my epi speedy then, its not as much of a difference only slight.
  8. The epi is a bit bigger looking, but the inside has more lining (lol does that make sense? like the lining inside is more structured)...so the space inside is about the same.