Speedy 25 epi red with titanium lock

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  1. I am not a fan of the goldtone locks/hardware so I am very pleased that LV is now making the epi red Speedy with the titanium hardware. Here's a pic of the one my husband surprised me with today!!!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Kat, gorgeous bag! Lucky you. I like the titanium hardware on this bag. Is this red more blue or orange based?
  4. Aww.. your husband is the cutest !

    And I totally agree with you concerning the gold tone hardware, I actually prefer the silver colour.
  5. I'd say blue based.
  6. LOVE IT!!! Its really gorgeous.
  7. OMG! I:love: the color!!! Epi is next on my list!!!
  8. Uh ohh....another LV to add to my wish list.
  9. What a guy you have Kat! Beautiful bag! Congrats!
  10. The bag is beautiful! The red in Epi is so nice~ :biggrin: You have a wonderful husband!
  11. Oh that is really nice. I like it! Do you know if they make the titanium hardwear with the speedy 30 as well????
  12. Wow, you're lucky; that was so sweet of him! That is so gorgeous!
  13. How gorgeous! And I agree that the current Epi red is blue-based.
  14. :nuts: your husband surprised you with this??? WOW!!!!!! its so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    i totally love the colour and the bag :love:

    thanks so much for sharing!!! :amuse:
  15. Wow congrats!! What a wonderful and beautiful gift!!!!