Speedy 25 Epi in "mocha"???

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  1. I was just browsing vuitton.com and came across the Epi speedy 25 comes in Mocha??? What the?? I wasn't aware of that. I :heart: Brown!!!!! I don't have any Epi pieces. I stick with mono, and MC lines...adding a damier piece soon. But, this bag caught my attention.:shocked:

    Anyone have the Epi speedy in Mocha?? I haven't seen 'em in the LV stores...but, then again I haven't really looked. Anyone seen them at LV?

    I never hear them mentioned on the PF boards. Mostly the red, black, etc. Hmm..:hrmm: I wonder if they're still readily available. Elux?? Never seen on there either.....
  2. I've seen the mocha color and it looks gorgeous... very classy..
  3. i would love to see one .... does it come in 30 ?
  4. The color is being discontinued. I saw one Speedy30 in Mocha in store last week. You'd better call around to hunt one down before too later. Good luck.
  5. Hmm..Thx, for the info. :smile: Ugh, too bad it's being discontinued. :huh: I was hoping maybe in the future (a couple yrs. from now).

    I've bought too many things already this year, and still waiting for a few items to arrive. There's always ebay...but I prefer to buy all my bags new. Oh well.........:noworry: I'm sure I'll find something else that gets my attention. LOL!!!!!:lol: I always do...ugh...:shame:
  6. Is all the Epi colors being Disc?!??!?!
  7. No, just the ones we like. :sad:
  8. I would love a Speedy in Mocha! Yummy!
  9. You guys mean Moka?

    Moka is gorgeous, and not as common. Some of my friends have a few Moka bags. Nice alternative to black.
  10. It's A Gorgeous Color!!!
  11. And some have changed....old red to the new red...blue (can't remember the previous name...it's on the tip of my tongue!!) to the new Myrtille...
  12. i have one( speedy 25) bought it around 2 years ago... it looks elegant but a bit formal....waiting for the Damier.speedy. but don't know if i should get a 25 or 30??
  13. The mocha is so nice in the epi.
  14. Just wondering, is "Moka" the French version of "Mocha?" Because the brown color that is being discontinued is listed as "Mocha" on the US version of louisvuitton.com.

    I snagged a pochette in this color recently. It's a lovely color.

  15. I think it's a nice color but an "older" color- the black seems more modern.