Speedy 25 Damier is out of stock at Eluxury, do I wait or buy in store?

  1. I want to get the Speedy 25 in Damier but it is out of stock on Eluxury. I spoke with their rep and called LV and they said they are not sure when it will be back in stock. The eluxury rep said a few weeks. I wanted to buy it online so I save money on tax ($30) and get cash back through Mr. Rebates (right now it is 5% of purchase = $30, but may change later). Should I wait til it is back in stock online or go to the store and pay the tax? My bf bought me my first LV through Eluxury (Beverly MM) and I am tempted to buy one at the store to get the store experience (going to LV and walking out w/ a bag) and the Speedy is one of the cheapest LVs I could buy at the store. But I don't need it right now and could wait to save money. What should I do?
  2. I love the no-tax thing too with eLuxury! I would wait if possible. That way, no regrets and you save a lot of $$$ for something else too!
  3. Nothing beats going to the store to pick up a Bag. The thrill!! Ohh.. Since its only $30 i'd go to the shop.