speedy 25 - buyers remorse

  1. Hi everyone,
    Today I received the speedy 25 that I bought last week and I am having serious buyer's regret. Now I am wishing I had gotten a 30 instead. :sad2: I don't know whether I should keep it or try to sell it, and if I do want to sell it, if I could get the same price I paid for it (450). Here are is the original thread with pics http://www.purseforum.com/louis-vuitton/my-new-speedy-7439.html

    When I get home tonight I will post some of my own pics and of me carrying it to get some opinions. I just hate it when you're all excited about getting something and when you finally do, you wonder if it's the right choice. :cry:
  2. Yea, we'll take a lot at the pics and give you our honest opinions.
  3. I think that you could get the original $450 for it. My suggestion? Take LOADS and LOADS of pictures for your eBay auction. Buyers will always question authenticity of a Louis Vuitton item, so if you have lots of photo's, maybe it will ease their mind a little.
  4. I am ready to buy it from you right now if you still want to sell it?
  5. :smile: I pmed you
  6. Now if that worked out that was one fast sale! I love this board :smile:
  7. Sorry for the long delay, I got a little caught up, I sent the payment through paypal, would you mind sending me a tracking number when you've mailed it off. Thanks:nuts:
  8. what a quick sale! fanatics here!
  9. Well, I'm glad that worked out. PF can make your bag dreams come true ! ;)
  10. :love:
  11. I have not had any contact with the seller since I made the payment, which has been a complete day....should I be paranoid?:suspiciou
  12. The sale didn't go through, no worries! But I am just wondering if I should keep the bag - I am thinking it looks small on me and I'm not used to carrying a hangbag since I am mostly using shoulder bags. I appreciate any opinions! Thanks :nuts:

  13. I think it looks perfect on you, not too small.
  14. I think it looks really nice on you. Just the right size.
  15. Ditto. I think the bag looks good on you. It's not too small.