speedy 25 - bigger than it looks

  1. Ok so today I was out and about with my kiddies and I carried all my usual stuff in my speedy 25......my daughter took off her sweater and handed it to me and THAT fit into it...then my son gave me his book and THAT fit in it....I was just so amazed at the holding capacity of this bag. I know most people say the 25 is too small but today it really proved that theory wrong. Ok...that's all...just had to defend my little speedy 25! Carry on! :smile:
  2. 25 is perfect size for me too but when I need moer room, I carry my 30
  3. Wow! :wtf: Thats quite a bit to fit in the 25 :yes:
  4. I thought it looked bigger on eluxury when i ordered it. When it got here it looked tiny to me. I cant use it as a daily bag, my 30 fits all of my stuff. The 25 is def a dinner bag.
  5. that's great to know, thanks for sharing!!!
  6. yea, i'm always surprised at how much the 25 fits!
  7. Good to know as I am thinking of getting this =)
    Carrying on now
  8. I agree--the 25 holds a surprising amount! I showed up at a lunch meeting with my speedy and people were in awe when I pulled out a bottle of water, a banana and a few other things...
  9. That's great to know! I love big bags and when I tried on the 25 at the store it just was too small (I carry waay too much!) but my mom is getting a 25 in the upcoming months and i will let her know that it will be just right for her :biggrin:
  10. I agree, I love my Speedy 25 :love: :love:
  11. ITA...love my 25. perfect size..not so big that when you only want to carry a few things it doesn't look droopy, but when u need to carry it a lot more it def an hold up to the challenge!
  12. i think the 25 is a perfect size, i can't see myself with a 30...because i've been using my coach hampton's for the past week, i took my damier speedy out for a spin last night..and realized it does look big by my side! btw, i'm 5'3"..
  13. Agree. My Damier 25 is a going to dinner type of bag, but the 30's are good for everyday use or traveling (I stuffed a light jacket into my 30 once...).
  14. a 25 is too small for me, i carry around too much ****, even to dinner (something i have to stop!)
  15. ITA, it does carry quite a bit...I don't carry a whole lot so to me the 25 is the perfect size!